Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fallout 32mm Miniatures Game

Todays post is about the upcoming Fallout miniatures game from Modiphius Miniatures.  

First up, a bit about why I love Fallout...

People who I talk computer games know I love this series.  I got Fallout (1) on the strength of the PC Gamer review on the day of release.  The dark comedy was great, and got better in Fallout 2 (who can forget Sleeping with a gangsters wife and daughter and then steal everything in his safe).  The isometric, turn based system added to the joy.  I could never really get into fallout tactics though.  Then Black Isle went under and I was Heart broken... 

Skip forward too many years,  and the owners of my other favourite role playing franchise bought the rights (ok, so the legal side was far more complicated than this), and Fallout 3 was born.  I played mainly on the the Xbox, and It took me a couple of attempts to get into this game (probably because I was still a pic gamer at heart) but I started to love this too, even if the black humour was less good.  I played this far too much in fact, hundreds of hours indeed.

Then at last Fallout 4 was born.  The suits of powered armour finally looked the way they should.  I could rebuild the wasteland.  Build sentry guns.  Spend HOURS AND DAYS looking for wood and cement!  Love it still.  Play it still.  I have a Pip-Boy dammit!

So since day one I wanted a Miniatures game. Let me just say the renders released look awesome.

It's stated game model count is from 3 to 30 models.  The scale is in 32mm scale, so will be 40k compatible.  The company doing it have some successful games, you may have heard of infinity.....

More info on this from here

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Halo Ground Combat UNSC Update

Today's post is about Halo Ground Command UNSC.  I've been steadily working on these guys now. I have to stay the models are fantastic, but some of the casts have been a little dodgey.  Overall, the models are quick to clean, glue and assemble.

this is where I'm up too.  The models with basing done still need clump foliage and grass.

The long hobby war continues...

Friday, 14 April 2017

Titan Owners Club - now open to Knight Titans

todays post is about the membership changes over at Titan Owners Club.

You can see the announcement here.

Basically, TOC is now accepting knights.  Unlike Titans however they are only accepting full paint "banners".  Based off the information released, a banner is a group of 3+ knights.  This include Ork Stompas, Tau Battle suits, and Eldar Wraithknights in addition to the Imperial knights we know and love.

If you wish to join, just follow the instructions in the linked post.

Games Workshop Images of Knight Banners.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Legio Custodes - Warders of the Vaults of Rython

Today's post is about my Legio Custodes force. The majority of the force will be clad in the traditional Gold of the Legio Custodes, however one unit of Custodian Guard will be clad in the black of the Warders of the Vaults of Rython.  These were a behind the scenes formation of Custodes, not known in the imperial records until their inclusion in the Prospero censure force.  They were vital in holding both the counter attacks of the Thousand Sons, ave slaying the twisted and mutated beings during the attack of Tizca.

The starting size of the unit will be five models, but I will expand this as I accumulate more of the Games Workshop plastic Custodes.  I'm hoping that Forgeworld release an upgrade pack with the Pyrithite Spear and the Adrasite Spear soon.  I'm not going to take a Vexilla as I think the unit looks better without.

In game terms, I'm initially think of equipping my Custodes with Teleporation Transponders.  Dropping 16 Custodes in your face would be useful I think 🤔.

I really like this colour scheme and they will really stand out on the table.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Legio Custodes

Today's post is about my Legio Custodes project.  This is quite early doors at the moment, and will never be massive.  Currently it's target is 21 infantry, two dreads, one tank and a grav attack.

I will likely grow it at some point, to include a couple of additional grav attacks, Additional infantry, some jet bikes, a transport or two, Valador, and the heavy dread. I may also bulk up the force with sisters of silence.

Currently, half the infantry are built, as are one dread, the Caladius grav-tank, and the Pallas Grav-attack (no picture).

Here's the progress so far:

The long hobby war contiunes...

Friday, 31 March 2017

Da Bloo Boyz

Todays post is about a project I've been beavering away on over the last few weeks.  This has been a fully time commitment, so my blogging and commenting have been forced to take a back seat.  While not finished to a finished standard, the models are ready for gaming now barring transfers.  A couple need teeth and jewellery painting.

DA BLOO BOYZ (also known as Da Thieving Gitz)

Over the weekend I'll be playing in a league with some of the Battle Bunnies so wish me luck!

Next up, more Halo Ground Combat.

The long hobby war continues...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Halo Ground Command - UNSC Warthog Painting Guide

Did somebody order a Warthog?

Todays post is again about Halo Ground Command.  This time, it's painting up a UNSC Warthog.  I have Seven of these to build and paint, fortunately, 1:100 scale is great for painting quick.  I love these in game and the models are great.  I do wish they had a passenger though.

Here is my take on it.

To paint this I used the following guide:

- Undercoat black

- Paint the hull and hub caps GW castellan green.

- Paint the details (trims, machine gun stand, roll bar, etc) GW Adeptus Mechanicus Standard Grey.

- Paint the tyres black.

- paint the wind shield GW Kantor Blue.

- Paint the rear lights red.

- Paint the crew GW nurgling green.

- Paint there crews armour in GW Zandri Dust.

- Paint the crews boots Gothgor Brown.

- Wash the crew and trims in Army Painter Strong Tone ink.

- Paint the raise green details in a 50:50 mix of GW castellan green and Elysian Green.

- paint the raised details of the crews armour GW Zandri Dust.

- dry brush the console in the cab with GW Temple Guard Blue

- Lightly dry brush over the console with GW Baharroth Blue

- Paint the faces GW Kislev Flesh.

- Wash the faces with Army Painter Soft Tone ink.

Congratulations, your hog is ready to go!

The long hobby war continues...

Friday, 10 March 2017

Halo Ground Combat - UNSC Infantry Paint Guide

To give me a bit of a break from Games Worshop, I decided to paint some of another Sci-fi franchise that I love.  While the most recent games are a bit pants, Halo Reach is without a doubt, one of my favourite games of all time.  When Spartan Games realeased a tabletop version of this game, I bought some starter sets, built one base and a warthog, then put the whole lot in the loft of doom.

Today I decided to paint the infantry.  These are based very much of the marines in game.

To paint these I used the following method:

- Base coat the model in GW Nurgling Green.  This is quite a thin layer paint so you will need several coats.

- Paint armour plates GW Zandri Dust

- Paint Weapons GW Mechanicus Standard Grey.

- Paint the boots and backpack GW Gothor Brown.

- Wash the model with Army Painter ink Strong Tone.

- Wait for it to properly dry, while making sure the ink doesn't pool to much.

- Paint the raised areas of the armour with GW Zandri Dust.

- Paint face GW Kislev Flesh.

- Wash with Army Painter ink Soft Tone.

Congratulations, the miniature is now ready for basing!

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Warlord update

Today's post is about the current state of play of my as yet unnamed warlord (yes Zzzzzzz, I have seen your suggestion 😜).

Elements of the alpha Legion were called to the build site to prevent incursion by forces unknown.

The body box it now done.  I have magnetised the head as well.  Next job is the gubbins on top.  I'll also be magnetising the VSG and weapons.  The hardest bit is now done, it's just time consuming work left.

In case your wondering.  This is were Custodii Tempestus build currently is.

The long hobby war continues...

Monday, 6 March 2017

Printer problems

So my printer is having problems.  Grrrr....

This the quality of prints I'm getting at the moment.

This is the last thing I managed to print.

I finally assembled shipping container number 2.  Here's what it looks like.

The long hobby war continues...

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Warlord Titan build

Today's post is about the continuing journey on my Warlord Titan.  I've pretty much finished the worky bits of the legs, so it was time to move on to the body.  The body is an absolute pig to assemble.  All the parts are warped a bit so using a hair dryer and going slow are order of the day.

I got frustrated with gluing times, so I changed from JB Weld metal, to JB Weld plasticweld.  Thanks Siph Horridous form the WeeMen for recommending this and confirming his Warlord is still solid after using this.  This glue drys quite quick and forms a bond almost as strong as the other glue.

I'm halfway through assembly at this point, though I have already built the shoulder weapon mounts.  So hopefully the body build will be finished this week.

On to the pictures...

The long hobby war continues...

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Legio Tempestus

Work on the second warlord continues.  Probably going to be a Tempestus Titan now...  I will be needing a name, any suggestions below?

Also, been selling a load of old models.  Here's what I bought with the proceeds.

The long hobby war, just got longer...

Finally, RIP Bill Paxton... the original Imperial Guardsman...

Friday, 24 February 2017

Legio Custodes - Dreadnought

Today's post is about my Legio Custodes Dreadnought.  Built, under coated and base coated.  I may need to go back over the gold again.  i may do a black and gold scheme, instead of the gold and red.  The good thing is I need to paint the red bits black first anyway.  So trialling this won't add steps.

I hate building contemptor dreads as I find posing an issue.  Still practice make perfect, and my Thousand Sons will need three.  The wolves will be getting a resin one to go with the two plastic I have.

The long hobby war contiunes...