Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thousand Sons Khenetai Occult Blade Cabal Unboxing and Build

Today's post is about the Khenetai Occult Blade Cabal upgrade set.  I haven't bought the full sets as I have a load of Marines from Betrayal at Calth (B@C) sets and have marines available to use.

The cover shows the models painted in the superior metallic red scheme most Forgeworld Thousand Sons are painted in.  The parts not included in the set are thoughtfully greyed out.

The contents of the pack, is twenty parts.  Each weapon set is in a unique pose, but is otherwise identical.

The parts laid out.  All are well cast except an air bundle on one sword (?).

A close up of the inside wrist detail (note the air bubble just out of shot)

The Cabal assembles very nicely with super glue.  Here is the finished squad.

This is my favorite pose, he looks suitably pensive.

What do you think of these guys?  How do you think they will perform in games?  Will you be buying some?  Let me know in the comments below.
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Friday, 2 June 2017

Thousand Sons Test Paint Scheme

Today's post is about my latest army.  As soon as I saw Ahriman I knew I wanted a Thousand Sons Army.  This has just been reinforced by Amon, the Sekhmet Terminators, and of course Magnus.  With this in mind I have painted the first Marine.  It is always wise to trial your paint scheme on a model prior to committing to an army.

Here's the pictures:

The painting stages are: 
- Under coat Citadel Chaos Black
- Air brush Vallejo Model Air Gold
- Spray in light coats Tamiya Clear Red, to build the candy apple colour
- Paint the trims GW Retributor Gold
- Paint the white parts GW Celestria Grey
- Paint the metal GW Iron Breaker
- Paint the eyes GW Warpstone Glow
- Apply Transfers now.
- Apply gloss varnish other the transfers to stop the ink in the next step staining them.  
TIP: Always varnish the whole panel, it blends in more on the finished model.
- Wash with a 50:50 mix of Army Painter Strong Tone water based ink and Future Klear
- Paint the white GW Ulthuan Grey
- Paint the center of the eye GW Warpstone Glow

His base was painted using.
- Base coat GW Dryad Bark
- Dry brush GW Gothgor Brown
- Dry brush GW Baneblade Brown
- Dry brush GW Karak Stone

And the model is done. What do you think?

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Thousand Sons Sekhmet Cabal Unboxing and Build

Today's post is about the relatively new Sekhmet Terminator Cabal set.  I love these models and think they really capture the essence of the Thousand Sons Legion before their fall.

The set comes in one of the white boxes.

The set comes with a lovely printed instruction sheet.  Nice colour reference too.

There's a parts list, but really, on three resin parts per marine, it's not a massive challenge.  There is an error on the instructions.  For some reason it tells you to only add a single shoulder pad per arm.  This is clearly wrong looking at the pictures on either the front or rear of instruction sheets.

The resin parts are nicely stored in a plastic Forgeworld bag.

The resin parts laid out.  They look good, but have an annoying shim on the torso between the gates.  It is easy to clean if careful, but easy to mess up.


 The set also includes the B@C plastic cataphractii frames.

And five 40mm bases. The models when together fairly easily once cleaned up.  I can't wait to paint these up.  Below are some pictures of the models assembled.


Above is my favorite of the poses.  What do you think of these models?  Will you be getting some?

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Unboxing Amon of the Thousand Sons

Today's post is about Amon of the Thousand Sons from ForgeWorld.  I purchased this at Warhammerfest yesterday.  It's a nice looking model who will fit well in my Heresy Thousand Sons force.

Generally, I prefer generic characters for battles, as special characters should be reserve for only the most apocalyptic of battles, but I have the current Thousand Sons Triumvirate (Magnus, Ahriman, and Amon), mainly while I wait for generic Thousand themed characters.

On to the pictures.

Amon, like the rest of the character series comes in a black box.

The instruction sheet is short, but the parts count isn't high so this isn't a problem.

Inside the outer box is a plastic clam shell pack.  This is a well packed model.

The model is well posed, I like the face.  There is a another pic of the left, smaller shoulder below.  It is a custome shoulder and not, a botched model to allow the pose.

Nice running pose on the legs.

Hand outstretched, I assume crushing a wolves spine...

The weapon is quite warped however a little bit of heat with a hair dryer will sort this in a minute.  I'll build first though.

This is the small gaming base.  There are broken armour from his fellows littering the  floor.

The two pictures above make the display base.  The detail is phenomenal.

The only problem with the model was a miscast in the cape.  Should be fairly easy to fill so not a massive issue.  Let me know if you liked the post, and I will do more.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Star Wars Armada

So recently I discovered an old set of Armada I bought and that has been rotting in the Loft of Doom ever since.  Over the last week or so i finally cracked out and looked properly at the models.  The 'ships' are all pre painted, so you get a good looking fleet out of the box.

The squadrons are not however, so I decided to paint these up.  Here's the results!

What do you think?

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fallout 32mm Miniatures Game

Todays post is about the upcoming Fallout miniatures game from Modiphius Miniatures.  

First up, a bit about why I love Fallout...

People who I talk computer games know I love this series.  I got Fallout (1) on the strength of the PC Gamer review on the day of release.  The dark comedy was great, and got better in Fallout 2 (who can forget Sleeping with a gangsters wife and daughter and then steal everything in his safe).  The isometric, turn based system added to the joy.  I could never really get into fallout tactics though.  Then Black Isle went under and I was Heart broken... 

Skip forward too many years,  and the owners of my other favourite role playing franchise bought the rights (ok, so the legal side was far more complicated than this), and Fallout 3 was born.  I played mainly on the the Xbox, and It took me a couple of attempts to get into this game (probably because I was still a pic gamer at heart) but I started to love this too, even if the black humour was less good.  I played this far too much in fact, hundreds of hours indeed.

Then at last Fallout 4 was born.  The suits of powered armour finally looked the way they should.  I could rebuild the wasteland.  Build sentry guns.  Spend HOURS AND DAYS looking for wood and cement!  Love it still.  Play it still.  I have a Pip-Boy dammit!

So since day one I wanted a Miniatures game. Let me just say the renders released look awesome.

It's stated game model count is from 3 to 30 models.  The scale is in 32mm scale, so will be 40k compatible.  The company doing it have some successful games, you may have heard of infinity.....

More info on this from here

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Halo Ground Combat UNSC Update

Today's post is about Halo Ground Command UNSC.  I've been steadily working on these guys now. I have to stay the models are fantastic, but some of the casts have been a little dodgey.  Overall, the models are quick to clean, glue and assemble.

this is where I'm up too.  The models with basing done still need clump foliage and grass.

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