Sunday, 16 March 2014

A modern take on an old miniature, Part 1.

So in addition to building a few knights, I've decided to kick back off an old project.  These are to gets some boots on the ground to fill out my imperials a bit.  The project is based on this picture.

Copyright Games Workshop

Now back in the day, I loved the Imperial Guard.  I loved the absolute facelessness of the organisation.  The fact that they all dressed the same (based on STC no less).  They had land raiders and Rhinos.

Then they got generalised with the creation of "theme" armies, in my opinion, the whole Imperial Guard methodology fell apart.  Don't get me wrong, I like Elysian, Steel Legion and DKOK, but to me they don't fell like Imperial Guard, they seem like PDF / auxiliary units.  Land raiders and rhinos got ret-conned to sell newer shinier battle tanks and APCs and the golden age of Guard ended.

So I started to think what can I do to try and change this.  Now I think the Cadians are "not too bad" as opposed to "great", but with no conversion work, they will fit the bill.  With all this in my mind, I came up with this. A guardsman from the 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, C company of the 23rd Kaylark.



The helmet stripes will denote battlefield function:
Red = Tactical
Green = Assault
Yellow = Command
Blue = Heavy Weapon.

Platoon badges will be as per the above image.

I'm probably going to limit myself to 4 tactical squads per platoon (as per RT army lists).  I just wish I could get suspensors for my las cannon!

I'm hoping for a bit more return to the old school organisation in this new book coming out.  I hate the massive platoons in the current (soon to be superseded) army book.

I have close to 80-90 of the dam guys allocated to this at the moment, so enough to fill out 2 platoons.  I daresay depending on progress, this will probably double.  I see this as a mainly infantry force, but I may add tanks further down the order of battle.  I really hope to see plastic Cadian rough riders at some point.  Because If the sculpts are good, I could see me adding a platoon.

Anyway, that's the current grand plan.