Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hi again,

Heres the view of the first and second floor of the great hall. This is really starting to get a nice feeling of volume now. Still goning to be another 4 blocks high.

I've completely run out of blocks now, so have to cast a load more. More updates soon

See you then.

The Colonel
Hi again,

Another castle update. This is what happens when you change your brand of plaster! Getting the proportions wrong and they crumble too easily. its a right pain, two batches of blocks wasted...

This is the current progress of the Great Hall Lower Level. As your can see its progessing well. Most sides are nearly complete. What is left to do is the floor and two corners the a quick sand of the high points.

This is the start of the chimney vent. I'm a bit peved that I didn't factor in a fire place. I'll have to buy one.

This is the start of the 2nd floor gallery. One corner done. I'll update with pictures from below when its more stable on top.

I'm going to update later with pictures of both section on top of each other.
See you then.

The Colonel

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hello again,

Well, so far this weekend Ive cast 8 runs. 6 runs have had a go in a dehydrator, the other two will go in tomorrow after work.

I tend to cast the peices I need. Not whole molds unless the I need the parts. Generally I cast an arrow slit, step (off the feildstone bridge mold) and a door arch as standard. This mean I use three or four molds at a time. These runs have mainly been wall blocks of various sizes.

I've dry stacked the second floor gallery in a more extensive way. Was a useful exercise because it showed that I need a extra course of 1/2" blocks under the floor. There isn't enough height at the moment and I'm hoping that this and the 6" arch across the top will make the room, roomy and spacious.

I'm redesigning the area above the stairway too, this is to allow gallery opening (currently solid block work).

This is the start of the first floor gallery. Basically, this will be higher than is is now. The stairs to the next level (residential level) go up from this point.

Detail of fighting platform. This also shows the barrier to the gallery. This will be a block higher in the finished build.

Next time, talking fire places and basements. Should have the first and second floor great halls progressing.

See you then.

The Colonel

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hi again,

These first two pics are my original mock ups of the build. At this point I have to say thanks to the wife. She broke her rule of no interest in the hobby and gave me advice on the build. This differs from the build because its one tile smaller either way.

I tried a 5 x 6 tile hall, but wasn't happy with the the size. 6 x 7 just seemed better to us both. There are two WFB skeletons for scale.

The next two pictures show the proposed next phase of the build. A gallery which overlooks the great hall. All levels will be seperate for convenient storage. Also will allow for roleplaying if the mood takes me.

The next two pictures show the proposed next phase of the build. A gallery which overlooks the great hall. All levels will be seperate for convenient storage. Also will allow for roleplaying if the mood takes me.

More updates soon. Running out of blocks, need to cast....

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hirst Arts Norman Keep

New project,

Basically I picked up some really cool plaster moulds a while back. They are Castle Moulds(R) from Hirst Arts. Check out the website here. The forum is also really cool, one of the nicest and helpful around.

I though a nice new project would be good. After a visit to Chemlsford castle with my lovely wife and daughter, I decided on a Norman Keep. With this in mind I did some internet searching, and found a couple of good castles. Castle Goodrich and Hedingham Castle. I found a floor plan of Hedingham Castle here, and a cross section here (this site has some great stuff on it btw).

There will be four levels:

1) Entrance level - with guard room
2) Great Hall floor
3) Great Hall with balcony
4) Living quarters

I may add another level if the Castle isn't high enough.

I would have liked a spiral stair, but I couldn't make this fit in the design as I wanted to fit it as less than 1 foot square (it's currently 29cm x 26cm). Something does bother me, It is too symetrical maybe??

So here is what I have done so far... First floor

Distance shot. Note the upside down floor tiles. These are spacers as this floor will be wood effect.

Entrance to stairs

1st Floor window from great hall.