Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hi again,

Another castle update. This is what happens when you change your brand of plaster! Getting the proportions wrong and they crumble too easily. its a right pain, two batches of blocks wasted...

This is the current progress of the Great Hall Lower Level. As your can see its progessing well. Most sides are nearly complete. What is left to do is the floor and two corners the a quick sand of the high points.

This is the start of the chimney vent. I'm a bit peved that I didn't factor in a fire place. I'll have to buy one.

This is the start of the 2nd floor gallery. One corner done. I'll update with pictures from below when its more stable on top.

I'm going to update later with pictures of both section on top of each other.
See you then.

The Colonel

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  1. Hi, I followed you from the Hurst forum, Ive a great interest in keeps myself, and more update on your model?