Friday, 24 September 2021

Dark Realms Miniatures - Vladistov -house 1 - Review

Today’s post is about a new piece of terrain I’ve been printing for use in fantasy game system, initially Skyrim by Modipius Entertainment.

This is a model I purchased from from Dark Realms.  I have no relationship with this manufacturer.  The main criticism I have is the lack of information about the model.  There where no internal shots, no breakdown of the the parts sold, and no information on supports.  I shot the designer a query and he responded really quickly.  I also found images on Instagram and the Dark Realms Pateron.  This information gave me the confidence to buy the model.

The model comes in three configurations.

  • A solid model
  • A split model (by floor) with internal detail and a choice of a full roof or an open attic roof (with an open top).
  • A split model (by floor) without internal details

I choose to printed the second configuration with a solid roof.

I used the standard settings of my Prusa I3 MK3S without supports.  As you can see the model turned out great.

Overall conclusion


  • The model is well proportioned and would work well in any generic fantasy setting.  It could even work in a historical setting if you are not too discerning about complete historical accuracy.
  • The file prints very well and looks nice.  The overall proportions of the building are on the larger side and I think I could have printed at about 80% and it would still look right.  The model in the first shot is a Storm Cast Eternal (from my 11 year olds collection).  The second is a Skyrim Model which is a 32mm but not heroically scaled so are a bit more realistically proportioned.
  • Stringing was minimal and will be easy cleaned and fixed. 
  • Details are sharp and will paint well. 
  • The model is split at clear points so the detail is not affected and there are no obvious join lines.
  • The locator pins are large and robust so are unlikely to break through normal use.
  • The door has a hinge, so can open and close.


  • As initially stated at the start of the review, the lack of information about the model is the main negative point.
  • Cost, its a fairly expensive model, my opinion is the overall quality balances this out however.  Mirroring the files will alleviate the finical impact if your are wanting a large city of different houses.

This is a good buy and I would recommend it.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Titan Owners Club (UK) Titan Walk - 2021

Today’s post is about the recent TOC (UK) 2021 Titan Walk.  It was an amazing day and it’s mostly arranged by the Battle Bunny And TOC founder Drake Seta and partner (Instagram Honey_the_Destroyer89), though myself and some others also helped with Scenery.

The event started Friday with a set up and then a drink in the bar, followed by setting up titans and then a view around the event room.  

Above: The gaming mat. 

Below: part of the initial set up. This was around half the Titans.  For  more images see Titan Owners Club’s blog.

The next day had the last engines and Princeps arrive, a final Line up of engines and meet a greet with the newly arrived Princeps.

Above is my Maniple arrayed for combat.  I lent out a couple of knight lancers, but more on them later.

Day one was an interesting scrap against Ignatum, Atarus, and Gryphonicus Engines.  My maniple suffered badly under their the guns losing a warlord, two reavers and two warhounds. In return I manage two reavers.  It was bloody, scrappy affair. Ultimately, I was hampered by hills obscuring my fields of fire, so my heaviest engine struggled to engage. 

Above: The combined forces of Ignatum, Atarus, and Gryphonicus pound the Tempest Maniple.

Day two was more successful, facing off against Metallica (fellow blogger ), Legio Xestobiax, Legio Astorum, and a fearsome Titan of the Ordo sinister.

Despite my initial failure to issue any orders whatsoever ever, I ultimately managed to claim a Warlord.  Bellator Ferrum managed to bring the shields down on a trio of Warhounds, opening the way for a Mortis warlord to turn two of them into slag a moment later.  One of my Warlords targeted an enemy Titan with its volcano cannon.  It missed and the blast scattered (3 foot) onto an enemy knight banner. Unfortunatley, it also nearly wiped out an allied knights banner too! The final toll was both warhounds lost, one to a lancer, the second to the ordo sinister!

In another part of the battlefield my Makabius lancers, working in support of a Mortis Reaver, managed to bring down a Warhound.  Another amazing kill on my Legio Banner.

It was a really fun event and I can’t wait until the 4th September when we are running an exhibition game as the Greeting from the Warp event near Northampton.  Titan Owners Club members are an amazing bunch of people!!

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Titan Owners Club Walk - 2021

It has often felt like events were a thing of the past, but today I’m attending (and have helped organise) the 2021 Titan Owners Club (UK) Titan Walk. A big shout out to Drake Seta from TOC and the Battle Bunnies for doing most of the leg work on the event.

I’ll aim to have a post with Pictures of the event over the next few days, but until then here are pictures of some of my Engines that are in attendance.

The mighty Warlords; Custodii Tempestas (left) and Osores Perniciosa (right).

The swift killers, Warhounds Inunadatione Lacrimae (left) and Credit Pluvia (right), with a brace of Knights Lancers from House Makabius.

My maniple Banner, with the current kill tally that the maniple has achieved.  The gold pins denote Warlord Engine Kills.

Unfortunately the Warbringer Nox Terrorem is not in a state to walk this year.  Hopefully it and the other maniple mates undergoing the rites of construction will be ready to walk next year.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Martian Myriax Destroyer

Today’s post is a model I printed and painted a little while ago.  this is a Mechanicum Minotaur Proxy for the Ordo Destructor lists.  It’s a lovely model and a will need to print a couple more.  It’s painted in the traditional Red of the Martian forces as it generally will be accompanying my maniples (from the loyalist elements) of Legio Tempestus to war.

I can fully recommend this model as it printed nearly perfectly.  The only issue was my fault as I didn’t get the orientation correct and there was a bulge that needed sanding. 

The model was printed on my Mars 2 Pro and AnyCubic Mono X.

Thursday, 19 August 2021

It’s been a little while…

 So it’s been a little while since I last posted anything on this blog, changes in jobs and real world stuff meant that I couldn’t spend time or energy here.  Well I’m going to attempt to try again.

First up is my Legion (4th) Iron Warriors.  These are five warriors from a legion tactical support squad I have been painting.  Still need to finish the bases, but that can wait till I have a few more done.  

This Iron Warrior project has been inspired by exploits of the Iron Warrior Loyalists Narik Dreygur, Barabus Dantioch, and Kyr Vhalen.

Speaking of Narik, I was lucky enough to get his event only model a while back from a friend, so he will be leading the force initally.

I’ve got him stood on a fellow Iron Warriors backpack instead of the usual defeated enemy one to show the losses that Iron Warrior tactics often inflict to achieve the most direct path to victory.  

Hope you enjoyed the post, I aim to get more Iron Warriors completed and posts ready soon.

Friday, 1 March 2019

I’m back, AT Legio Mortis

Hi all, I’m back blogging.

I’m mainly working over at Unityb4heresy at the moment. I will start updating this page with other projects.

First you is an entry for a Titan Challenge on “the Bolter and Chainsword” forum.

I’m going to paint a Full Regina Maniple in the colours of the Legio Mortis.

This consists of two Warlords, and Three Warhounds.  The armour plates are blank plastic or basecoated black.

Here’s the titans as of today.

I’ll post the completed shoots in a few weeks.  Check back then.

The long hobby war continues...

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Thousand Sons

Today's post is about my Thousand Sons.  These bad boys have really got under my skin in a way even the Alpha Legion haven't.  I've been painting and this is what I nearly have finished.

What do you think?

The long hobby war continues...