Sunday, 9 August 2015

Painting Challenge - August 2015

This month I aim to complete the miniatures list below:
  • Finish two Marathon Class Heavy Cruisers (Halo Fleet Battles), both started in August.
  • One British foot artillery battery consisting of twelve gunners, a howitzer and two 9 pounders cannon on three bases.  Bases will be textured and painted.
Here are the pictures of the current state of the miniatures:

July 14th to 31st Painting Challenge Result

So the July 14th to 31st painting challenge has ended.  There was a fly in the ointment last month because I was too ill to do much more than prep models for over a week of the painting challenge. The initial plan was to:

  1. Paint 28 troops and attached to bases.  Bases will have steel paper attached to the bottom.
  2. Assuming the flags from GMB come, these need to be attached to both the 30th and 69th.
  3. Bases of the 30th will be textured and painted.

So how did I do?

  1. I painted both command stands and the light company of the 30th.  These have been attached to bases and steel paper is attached.  I haven't finished painting the remaining 8 line troops of the 30th as yet.  I did however paint the sergeants from the 33rd and the 73rd.  So I missed the target by 6 in the end.
  2. The flags came in and I have attached these to the 30th and 69th command stands.
  3. I only textured and painted the bases of the grenadier and light companies of the 30th.  So I missed this target.

All in all, and considering how ill I was, I'm pleased with my results.

As I wrote above, I did manage to clean and prep a lot of other models during the challenge.  Most are base coated.  This amounts to:
  • 12 British Dragoons
  • 20 British line infantry
  • 1 Mounted general, 3 officers, two drummers and 4 standard bearers (including replacing the flag poles)
  • 5 British 9 lb Cannon and 1 5.5 howitzer
  • 3 Foot artillery crews each of 4 men.
  • 30 Austrian line infantry in helmets (including replacing the flag pole).
As you can see I have started painting some of the cannon in August.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

UNSC Marathon Cruiser (Halo)

I bought a copy of Halo Fleet Battles the other day.  So far impressed with the models, but haven't tried out the rules yet.

This is my first painted ship for the UNSC.

The colours are all GW paints.
1.  Eshin Grey in the recesses
2. Paint armour plates painted Stormvermin Fur.
3.  Paint a ceremite stripe.
4.  Wash whole model with Nuln Oil.
5.  Dry brush the armour lightly with Dawnstone then Administratum Grey.
6. Pick out some details in Administratum Grey.
7. Paint internal of engine Ceremite White.
8.  Wash Guilliman Blue.
9.  Paint centre of engine Ceremite White.

Hope you enjoyed this quick painting guide.