Sunday, 2 August 2015

UNSC Marathon Cruiser (Halo)

I bought a copy of Halo Fleet Battles the other day.  So far impressed with the models, but haven't tried out the rules yet.

This is my first painted ship for the UNSC.

The colours are all GW paints.
1.  Eshin Grey in the recesses
2. Paint armour plates painted Stormvermin Fur.
3.  Paint a ceremite stripe.
4.  Wash whole model with Nuln Oil.
5.  Dry brush the armour lightly with Dawnstone then Administratum Grey.
6. Pick out some details in Administratum Grey.
7. Paint internal of engine Ceremite White.
8.  Wash Guilliman Blue.
9.  Paint centre of engine Ceremite White.

Hope you enjoyed this quick painting guide.

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