Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Painting challenge update

So work continues on my painting challenge, unfortunately, not as quickly as I would like due to an illness (too ill to paint or base). The upshot of this is I may be forced to drop 8 line infantry from the challenge.

On the flip side, I have painted two extra sergeants (33rd and 73rd) because they were on a stick with the 30th and 69th sergeants.  So I'm only going to be six models short.  I also prepared and  assembled a lot of other models, so the hobby time has not been wasted.

I still have three days (one of which I'm out) and a lot can happen, so I best get cracking.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Painting challenge, 14th to 31st July

After my success in the first painting challenge, I've decided to run a second one that will run until the end of the month.  The target for the challenge is painting another 28, 15 mm British infantry.

The first 20 are the remaining troops of the 30th.  All are cleaned up and fixed to lolly sticks for painting, most are undercoated.  This group consists of an officer, drummer, sergeant, two ensigns (banner bearers), four light company and eleven line infantry.

I have drilled out the standard bearers hands an attached a straightened paper clip, in place of the massively thick pole supplied.

Additionally, I'm going to paint the command stand of the 69th.  This group consists of an officer, drummer, sergeant, two ensigns (banner bearers) and three line infantry.  This was the third regiment in seniority in the 3rd Division, 5th Brigade at Waterloo.  I will be fielding both the Kings and Regimental colours, in spite of the fact they lost the kings colour at Quatre Bras.

The deliverables of the painting challenge are:
1) All 28 troops are painted and attached to bases.  Bases will have steel paper attached to the bottom.
2) Assuming the flags from GMB come, these need to be attached to both the 30th and 69th.
3) Bases of the 30th will be textured and painted.
4) Matte varnish is not required.
5) Flock or static grass will not be applied.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

First challenge complete!

Friday night I completed the last of the 15 outstanding British infantry for the challenge.  The models still need basing and Matt spray, but until I have the whole unit finished, I won't be doing this.  The models look ok from a distance en mass, but they won't win painting competitions.

Anyway, pics or it didn't happen.

Hope you like these figures.  The next challenge will be painting more Brits, but more on that in another post.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Painting Challenge update, and Heavy Dragoons

Update time, progress is going well on this weeks painting challenge.  No pictures yet, but 11 models are painted and attached to bases.  They need basing but are otherwise ready for the dull cote.  The remaining 4 are being brush/dipped tomorrow and highlights/sticking to bases are planned for Friday.

For the rest of the update, I'm going to talk about a future project that will form part of my 15mm Napoleonic British Army.  These are the heavy cavalry of Waterloo, the can represent either of three regiments of Dragoons present. The Models are from Bluemoon manufacturing and supplied by Old Glory UK, as can be seen the models haven't been cleaned as yet.  The unit size I'm aiming for is 24 on 8 bases of 3.  The method of painting will be the same as for infantry.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Painting challenge - 5th to 12th July

These are a new set of challenges I will set myself to motivate me to finish some units/armies.  I have seen these growing in popularity over the last few years, and do genuinely seem to motivate people to finish models.

On to the rules:

1) Models will be photographed before, in their current condition, and added to a blog post.
2) At the end of the challenge, the completed models will be photographed and blogged.
3) Models don't need to be based unless called out in the challenge.
4) Matt varnish is weather dependant so this is not required unless it is part of the challenge.

This first challenge will be painting more 15mm British Napoleonic Infantry.

The models have been cleaned, undercoated and painting is underway.  These will, combined with the five finished models fill out half a forty strong battalion, the 30th Cambridgeshire.

These are four centre company soldiers.  They have been dipped, but need highlights and touch ups.

These models are base coated and in various early stages.  There are a four man grenadier company, and seven centre company soldiers.

Wish me luck!