Sunday, 5 July 2015

Painting challenge - 5th to 12th July

These are a new set of challenges I will set myself to motivate me to finish some units/armies.  I have seen these growing in popularity over the last few years, and do genuinely seem to motivate people to finish models.

On to the rules:

1) Models will be photographed before, in their current condition, and added to a blog post.
2) At the end of the challenge, the completed models will be photographed and blogged.
3) Models don't need to be based unless called out in the challenge.
4) Matt varnish is weather dependant so this is not required unless it is part of the challenge.

This first challenge will be painting more 15mm British Napoleonic Infantry.

The models have been cleaned, undercoated and painting is underway.  These will, combined with the five finished models fill out half a forty strong battalion, the 30th Cambridgeshire.

These are four centre company soldiers.  They have been dipped, but need highlights and touch ups.

These models are base coated and in various early stages.  There are a four man grenadier company, and seven centre company soldiers.

Wish me luck!

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