Friday, 26 June 2015

15mm British Napoleonics

I've been experimenting with a method to speed up the time taken to paint my Napoleonic British Troops.  Currently, my first unit (the 44th East Essex) look like this:

While I think they are not bad, they are very dark with quite thick lining.  A long while ago I purchased some ArmyPainter dip (strong tone), so I thought I would give this another go.  i brushed this on, as actually dipping is messy and rather stupid (who would really want varnish or a back problem).  I then added further highlights, touched up the white bits and dull coated it.  Finally, the face was washed with GW Serephim Sepia.  All told, I think its much improved and hopefully a lot quicker.

My next task is to paint another 7 models to build two more companies to see how they look enmass.  Currently a lot has been happening at work, so I have been a hobby butterfly, the aim now is to focus on this project and get the rank and file painted to fill out several battalions.

Here's a group picture of everything so far.

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