Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Painting Challenge update, and Heavy Dragoons

Update time, progress is going well on this weeks painting challenge.  No pictures yet, but 11 models are painted and attached to bases.  They need basing but are otherwise ready for the dull cote.  The remaining 4 are being brush/dipped tomorrow and highlights/sticking to bases are planned for Friday.

For the rest of the update, I'm going to talk about a future project that will form part of my 15mm Napoleonic British Army.  These are the heavy cavalry of Waterloo, the can represent either of three regiments of Dragoons present. The Models are from Bluemoon manufacturing and supplied by Old Glory UK, as can be seen the models haven't been cleaned as yet.  The unit size I'm aiming for is 24 on 8 bases of 3.  The method of painting will be the same as for infantry.

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