Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Painting challenge, 14th to 31st July

After my success in the first painting challenge, I've decided to run a second one that will run until the end of the month.  The target for the challenge is painting another 28, 15 mm British infantry.

The first 20 are the remaining troops of the 30th.  All are cleaned up and fixed to lolly sticks for painting, most are undercoated.  This group consists of an officer, drummer, sergeant, two ensigns (banner bearers), four light company and eleven line infantry.

I have drilled out the standard bearers hands an attached a straightened paper clip, in place of the massively thick pole supplied.

Additionally, I'm going to paint the command stand of the 69th.  This group consists of an officer, drummer, sergeant, two ensigns (banner bearers) and three line infantry.  This was the third regiment in seniority in the 3rd Division, 5th Brigade at Waterloo.  I will be fielding both the Kings and Regimental colours, in spite of the fact they lost the kings colour at Quatre Bras.

The deliverables of the painting challenge are:
1) All 28 troops are painted and attached to bases.  Bases will have steel paper attached to the bottom.
2) Assuming the flags from GMB come, these need to be attached to both the 30th and 69th.
3) Bases of the 30th will be textured and painted.
4) Matte varnish is not required.
5) Flock or static grass will not be applied.

Wish me luck!

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