Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hello again,

Well, so far this weekend Ive cast 8 runs. 6 runs have had a go in a dehydrator, the other two will go in tomorrow after work.

I tend to cast the peices I need. Not whole molds unless the I need the parts. Generally I cast an arrow slit, step (off the feildstone bridge mold) and a door arch as standard. This mean I use three or four molds at a time. These runs have mainly been wall blocks of various sizes.

I've dry stacked the second floor gallery in a more extensive way. Was a useful exercise because it showed that I need a extra course of 1/2" blocks under the floor. There isn't enough height at the moment and I'm hoping that this and the 6" arch across the top will make the room, roomy and spacious.

I'm redesigning the area above the stairway too, this is to allow gallery opening (currently solid block work).

This is the start of the first floor gallery. Basically, this will be higher than is is now. The stairs to the next level (residential level) go up from this point.

Detail of fighting platform. This also shows the barrier to the gallery. This will be a block higher in the finished build.

Next time, talking fire places and basements. Should have the first and second floor great halls progressing.

See you then.

The Colonel

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