Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Painting a Warlord Titan

Today's post is about my Warlord Titan.  I've finally decided, after much procrastination it must be said, that I will paint this as a member of Legio Atarus.  The Firebrands 🔥.  I've started on the armour plates, and this is where I'm up too.

The long hobby war continues...


  1. This is going to be great to watch!

  2. Lovely scheme, great choice for the Legio. I'd prefer Legio Astorum, but I guess I need to reinforce that Legio myself! ;)

  3. @ Zzzzzz, 👍 Thanks buddy!
    @ John, thanks for stopping by, I hope it doesn't disappoint!
    @ Siph, Warp Runners are great but are a bit too common, also the blue would be a bit too similar to my Tempestus Maniple. Ultimately the key deciding factor was they needed to be a loyalist with a transfer sheet (as FW are still messing around with the Tempestus sheet). Would I paint these if the firewasps had a sheet?..... 🤔

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