Monday, 3 July 2017

Thousand Sons Sergeants

Today's post is about my two Tactical Squad Sergeants which will lead two 20 marine Tactical Squads.  They are built from the Plastic MKIV set, with a Thousand Sons head and a Blade Occult sword.  The hands were cut at the wrist, I've saved the arms for adding hand flamers or plasma pistols.  Hand flamers would probably be lethal in Zone Mortalis games.

On to the pictures:

What do you think of these models?

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Looking good, man! I really dig 'em!

  2. I think the left one in first pick would benefit from either a bend in the arm or a slight twist to the sword across his body, his outstretched arm looks a bit like a tour guide rather than conveying movement, therefore could be good if rotated across the body as a block type move?

    1. That aside, they look great and very suitable veteran Sergeants mate ;)