Saturday, 1 July 2017

Red Scorpions - Primaris Marine

Today's post is about the new kids on the block, primaris Marines.

So I got a set of Dark Imperium and decided to paint up the Primaris Space Marines as my exsisting Chapter of Red Scorpions.  The fluff behind this Chapter is some of the strongest around, certainly in my opinion better than the fluff generated by the Black Library, or main studio teams these days.

Here's pictures of the first marine.

While I like the models, I don't think I will be replacing my marines with these guys.  I'm not a fan of the grav tank, or the Dreadnought.  I do like the infantry and characters though.

Are you getting some?  How will you paint them up?

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Painting mine as Scythes of the Emperor as my poor Relictors are deemed Excommunicate Traitorous and won't see reinforcement. Listened to the audiobook Daedalus and decided on the SotE as they are down to their last 140ish Marines after Hivefleet Kraken ate them!
    Great choice with Red Scorpions, love them.

  2. Looking good. I really am liking the new models and your red scorpion is looking good.

  3. He looks great !

    Not getting any (fnarr). Partly cost, partly that SM arn't my army of choice and partly just meh....

  4. @ Siph, cool, can't wait to see them. I've been chatting with some mates and we think SotE are one of the prime candidates for Primaris reinforcements. Re your relictors, they are dirty heretics and will burn...

    @ BigJon, cheers, your lions are cool!

    @ Zzzzzz, thanks mate.