Friday, 2 June 2017

Thousand Sons Test Paint Scheme

Today's post is about my latest army.  As soon as I saw Ahriman I knew I wanted a Thousand Sons Army.  This has just been reinforced by Amon, the Sekhmet Terminators, and of course Magnus.  With this in mind I have painted the first Marine.  It is always wise to trial your paint scheme on a model prior to committing to an army.

Here's the pictures:

The painting stages are: 
- Under coat Citadel Chaos Black
- Air brush Vallejo Model Air Gold
- Spray in light coats Tamiya Clear Red, to build the candy apple colour
- Paint the trims GW Retributor Gold
- Paint the white parts GW Celestria Grey
- Paint the metal GW Iron Breaker
- Paint the eyes GW Warpstone Glow
- Apply Transfers now.
- Apply gloss varnish other the transfers to stop the ink in the next step staining them.  
TIP: Always varnish the whole panel, it blends in more on the finished model.
- Wash with a 50:50 mix of Army Painter Strong Tone water based ink and Future Klear
- Paint the white GW Ulthuan Grey
- Paint the center of the eye GW Warpstone Glow

His base was painted using.
- Base coat GW Dryad Bark
- Dry brush GW Gothgor Brown
- Dry brush GW Baneblade Brown
- Dry brush GW Karak Stone

And the model is done. What do you think?

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Love them, but I think the indent of the power pack and cables would benefit from being Leadblecher. Love the white accents, really lift the scheme

    1. Behind the head bit! Sorry, my description was rubbish!

  2. Sweeeeeeeet. I'm a fan of white rims rather than gold m'self as I think it helps steer clear of the "hey, are those Khorne Berzerkers?" look.

    In any case, the Thousand Sons are the best legion, glad to see you joining the cause! :D

  3. Did you get the spray can of red or did you airbrush it on?

  4. @ Siph, doh, how did I miss it!

    @ Mordian, stay tuned for the Sekhmet and Blade Occult for white shoulders.

    @ BigJon, this is airbrushed in very thin coats.

    @ The GunGrave, cheers mate!

    @ Zzzzzzz, cheers mate!

    I'm not happy in hindsight on the silver metals. I'm going to try undercoating these in mechanicus standard grey and re-paint. I think these will be washed in a black ink too.

  5. Awesome stuff love that red.