Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Thousand Sons Sekhmet Cabal Unboxing and Build

Today's post is about the relatively new Sekhmet Terminator Cabal set.  I love these models and think they really capture the essence of the Thousand Sons Legion before their fall.

The set comes in one of the white boxes.

The set comes with a lovely printed instruction sheet.  Nice colour reference too.

There's a parts list, but really, on three resin parts per marine, it's not a massive challenge.  There is an error on the instructions.  For some reason it tells you to only add a single shoulder pad per arm.  This is clearly wrong looking at the pictures on either the front or rear of instruction sheets.

The resin parts are nicely stored in a plastic Forgeworld bag.

The resin parts laid out.  They look good, but have an annoying shim on the torso between the gates.  It is easy to clean if careful, but easy to mess up.


 The set also includes the B@C plastic cataphractii frames.

And five 40mm bases. The models when together fairly easily once cleaned up.  I can't wait to paint these up.  Below are some pictures of the models assembled.


Above is my favorite of the poses.  What do you think of these models?  Will you be getting some?

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Great, love the Egyptian look of the thousand Sons. These are cool.

  2. Well I'm not a fan of the Thousand Sons look (those big head crests and egyptian look) but what I really think is poor that the kit seems to have 5x the same arm+sword.. no variation in it.. for Forge World prices one could expect more than that.. and not fixed heads would be nice too...

  3. Lovely builds, man! I dig the kit but do wish the heads were separate from the torso. Looking forward to seeing 'em painted up!

  4. @ Siph, yeah I love the look too, they nailed it. Coming Heresy yet?

    @ Miserum, I get what you mean but, considering they come with a set of B@C terminators sold at £35.00. You get the upgrade set for £15.00. I don't think this is bad value. The torso are all unique and the models movement comes from the gun arm. They aren't going to be attacking with swords due to the limitations of the base kit. The heads are, I suspect, a compromise to keep the cost down.

    @ Mordian, They are lovely models, I've started painting the TS models I built earlier in the year. Will post some pictures soon, but they won't look as awesome as yours.