Sunday, 28 May 2017

Unboxing Amon of the Thousand Sons

Today's post is about Amon of the Thousand Sons from ForgeWorld.  I purchased this at Warhammerfest yesterday.  It's a nice looking model who will fit well in my Heresy Thousand Sons force.

Generally, I prefer generic characters for battles, as special characters should be reserve for only the most apocalyptic of battles, but I have the current Thousand Sons Triumvirate (Magnus, Ahriman, and Amon), mainly while I wait for generic Thousand themed characters.

On to the pictures.

Amon, like the rest of the character series comes in a black box.

The instruction sheet is short, but the parts count isn't high so this isn't a problem.

Inside the outer box is a plastic clam shell pack.  This is a well packed model.

The model is well posed, I like the face.  There is a another pic of the left, smaller shoulder below.  It is a custome shoulder and not, a botched model to allow the pose.

Nice running pose on the legs.

Hand outstretched, I assume crushing a wolves spine...

The weapon is quite warped however a little bit of heat with a hair dryer will sort this in a minute.  I'll build first though.

This is the small gaming base.  There are broken armour from his fellows littering the  floor.

The two pictures above make the display base.  The detail is phenomenal.

The only problem with the model was a miscast in the cape.  Should be fairly easy to fill so not a massive issue.  Let me know if you liked the post, and I will do more.

The long hobby war continues...

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  1. Ooh, that is lovely - I will assuredly be getting him when he goes on general release. No surprise there I suppose!

    Looking forward to seeing him assembled and painted - Good stuff!