Thursday, 7 January 2016

House Makabius Imperial Knight, part 1

Today's post is about my Forgeworld Cerastus Knight Acheron.  He will be the Scenchel of a House Makabius force to support my Death Guard, but more on these in a future post.  I've assembled the legs, and hips.  The leg plates are dry fitted to check the pose hasn't caused issues.

The poor B@C dread is in a bad way I'm afraid, unfortunately the two large cuts in the torso are mostly hidden by the foot, but the missing arm is evidence of the unequal battle that occurred here. 

What do people think about the dread weapon, should this be added to the base as well?

So far I'm loving the model and will definately get another or two. I want to get the body, arms and Pistons built tomorrow and Saturday for under coating Sunday, when the good weather is said to arrive.

Sorry about the picture quality, taken on my iPad.

Thanks for stopping by.

The long hobby war contiunes!

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