Saturday, 9 January 2016

House Makabius Knights, part two

The long painting and modelling war of my new knight force, I have a partially painted House Terryn force, has continued over the last couple of days.  Then yesterday, FW set the cat amongst the pidgeons, by releasing there FAQ.  All types of plastic Knights are HH legal, therefore with the four Knights I have (in pieces), I can field the major component of a HH army.  I will still build a few DG models to support as an allied detachment, but Knights are quicker.... Kind of....

The second Titan is underway, this time a trusty knight paladin.  The build is finished and the paint has started. I've currently gone lighter on the shoulder colours than FW Castigator.  I'm likely to add a carapace weapon system (magnetised) to the knight, but this can happen later.

The Knight Anchron is progressing also. (Note: the body is tacked to the hips and the armour is dry fitted).

 The leg pistons are underway.  The ankles are done

as is one hip joint.

The last hip joint, due to the pose, needs a longer piston shaft.  A bit of brass or plasticard rod will need to found to facilitate this.  I've also cleaned much of the model.  When I build my lancer, I will try to be more methodical, as I find myself doing a bit here and there.  Need to get more focused!

Hope you have enjoyed the post.  

The long hobby war contiunes...

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