Monday, 25 January 2016

House Makabius Imperial Knights, Part 7

Today my House Makabius transfers arrived from Forgeworld!  Yeah!!

So having been studiously not doing knightly things over the weekend I promptly got on it.  These are the results.  Initial results are impressive.  Virtually no carrier film outline.  It is literally 1mm wide on the banners if that.  The graphics look way better in real life too!

He is really taking shape now.  I've started painting the poor dread as I now call him.  Rough golds applied.  Needs some touch ups to the flat aluminium before starting washes.

I also applied a transfer to the first banner.  These are AMAZING!!!.  The fit absolutely perfectly!

So to conclude, the transfers are excellent and then some.

Unfortunately, I also looked at my Belicosa Volcano Cannons.  Why unfortunately?  I have a bad miscast on one.

It's a bit annoying.  I want to check everything before I contact FW regarding this.

Well that's all there is tonight.

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Some terrific work, those decals came out amazing, I can't see the edges.

    1. Cheers Baconfat, re the transfers, it really Helps to gloss varnish first, but I think silvering would be minimal even without it.