Tuesday, 19 January 2016

House Makabius Knights, Part 5

A quick update tonight.  I'm working hard on the Knights and...  Argh, I've run out of black paint!
The last two nights have seen progress on the armour plates of my Questorius Knights.  I decided batch painting was the way to go.

Looking at the heads of the three known Knights from House Makabius, two in volume four Tempest and the Castigator on the FW site, they all seem to have a grey/black brow and a white/cream chin.  I've followed this on all four Knights.  The knee caps in the official pictures show the left knee is white/cream and the right is grey/black.  For variety (in that I can't count too three it seems), I've painted one with two white/cream knees.

I'm still waiting for the gold paint, but I can gloss varnish areas to get ready for transfers this week.  Hopefully the transfers will arrive Friday or Saturday.

Let me know what to think?

The long painting war continues...


  1. Good idea with the batch painting - wish I'd done that, would've been done a lot quicker! They're looking good

    1. I'll let you know if it was a good idea after I finish the trims.