Sunday, 8 January 2017

Legio Tempestus Warlord Update - January 2017

Today's post is the first in a series of updates on all my 30K projects, and I thought is start with the big one (and to show I'm working on it because I gave Siph Horridous of the WeeMen some stick for the time taken to paint his). I bought this Titan back in 2015 at the same time as my Reaver Titan and its sat on the back burner since then.  Recently I really started to work on the torso and here's the model at the moment.

As you can see, I've made a bit of progress 😉.  The current plan is contiune working on this model steadily through 2017, but he is not currently on the priority list.  I learnt a lot from my work on the Reaver Titan, and I will be painting all the armour panels at the same time.  So far one shoulder and one arm weapon is built as are the arms. 

What are you plans for Titans in 2017?  If you are planing of working on a build I'd love to see it.  Leave details in the comments.  Also, if you have a Titan, why not join the Titan Owners Club here, it's a great central repository for over a 100 Titans.

The long hobby war continues...


  1. OOoh, looks good. Even without her clothes on (fnarr fnarr).

    Well, I have two Warp Runner warhounds, a khorny warhound and somewhere out there, two Eisenkarn Levithians being done in a nugley stylee. I'd love to add a reaver to the warp runners. But not without a lottery win....

    1. Three Titans? That's pretty good going mate. I've had a look again on your blog, they all look great. With Warhound It's also easier to slap em down on the table.

      I will get some more Warhounds, but at this time, I will wait until at least the three I have on the go are finished (or painted and waiting for transfers for the Tempestus engines).

  2. Excellent progress Col, and I see your tips about a new Lord of Change just got released!

  3. Gorgeous work, man! I can't wait for the Adeptus Titanicus release later this year - while I am itching to paint a warlord, I think I'll wait until it's in 10mm scale. Hah!

    Keep up the great work!