Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bellator Ferrum, nearing completion

Today's post is about my Reaver Titan, Bellator Ferrum.  This is a Titan from Legio Tempestus prior to and during the Horus Heresy.  Why the post now?  Well I want to take this lump of resin up to the weekender.  There is a participation game of the new Adeptus Titanicus rules on the Sunday Morning.

Ideally I would take a Warlord, but they are too far from completion.  I certainly wouldn't take the Beast, as the puny Warhound will likely die quickly in my unpracticed hands.

So I have since my last post, attached the leg and hip armours.  Painted the rear carapace and sealed the front on to the torso.  I think one more day and he's game ready.  I will still need to weather and oil wash the model later.  But I really want transfers...

On to the pictures (sorry for the quality, taken from my iPad)

Finally, Do you guys have any questions you want me to ask at the weekender?

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Ooooh very impressive. You seem to have built it superfast. And no, no questions about the weekender. Have fun, (take the warhound[s] as well).

  2. Plastic Adeptus Titanicus models? They were rumoured, but see if you can wheedle any more info!

  3. Col. I always enjoy your updates. I am jealous that you get to goto the Weekender. Of course I want to know everything Titan, but to be specific, future additional weapons and upgrades. Will Inferno get a red book right away?

  4. So Jealous you get to go to the weekender, it will be great! Everyone is so charged up about the new book, the new specialist games like Titanicus and these rumours of revamped plastic super heavies. I can't wait to see what info you gleam.

  5. @ Zzzzzz, many thanks mate!

    @James, will definately be asking about Titanicus. I'll be asking as many questions as possible. Hopefully, there will be some models on display.

    @ BigJon, shame you can't come, at least GW seems to be stepping up global support. Maybe one day there will be a US Weekender? I'll ask again this year about Titan weapons, but I have been told previously that a new chassis will likely be out first.

    @Red Scorps, I'm a lucky sod and I know it. I'll try posting some stuff.

    I tend to give the BattleBunnies a load of info and some photos. Logistically, they are really well set up as the have the boots on the ground and a control (Atia) offsite to proof and post.