Friday, 13 January 2017

Iron Warriors - January 2017

Today's post is about my plans for a small force of Iron Warriors.  My ultimate goal is to have at least a full tactical squad of each Space Marine Legion.  Currently I have only three models for my Iron warrior, the 2016 event praetor, a single iron circle automata, and the marine pictured below.  Over the coming months I aim to finish these models and 19 other marines to build a full tactical squad.

The scheme I'm using is:
- Paint lead belcher base coat.
- Dry brush with Iron breaker.
- Wash entire model with army paint strong tone wash.
- Paint armour trims with retributor armour.
- Wash trims with reikland fleshshade.
- Highlight trims with auric armour.
- Wash rivets and all points on the armour that would accumulate dirt with seraphim sepia.
- Paint eyes thousand sons.
- Paint eyes Arhiman Blue.
- High light with sybarite green.

And the he just needs basing!

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Lovely. I like these BaP plastics. Nice scheme, I know our own 6thDegree will like these.

    1. Cheers Siph, you guys really need to go heresy ;)

  2. Ooh he is nice. And I love idea of having a Tac Squad from each legion, you do mean 20 individuals, right ?

    And Army Painter Strong Tone - I've got a tin of that somewhere, thanks for reminding me, I might dig it out and see if I can't start throwing some paint about.

    1. Yep 20 man squads. That's only 360 minis..... I estimate completion sometime in year 30,000.

      This is the water based wash rather than the oil based in the tin. I prefer it to nuln oil, as I have found nuln oil can leave a white residue. I always cut with 50% klear to help surface tension.