Monday, 2 January 2017

3d Printed Thunderhawk Gunship

This is a project I'm working on.  This is actually a two phase project.  It will end up being thunderhawks for my marine forces.  The first phase is printing a model from Thingiverse found here.  It was designed by Montrano.  It's a low detail model, so will need grubbins and grebbles for finishing.  This is the current state of the model.

Phase two, which is running concurrently with phase 1, is designing a new more detailed model.  This is the current state of the 3D model.

This is a test print of the cabin door.  I was a bit tight on the measurements, so it's a tight fit across and a bit short vertically.  I'm making the adjustments and will reprint later this week.  It also shows the channels are two narrow.  I'm going to go from .2 to .5 mm.  Measuring on some marine tanks, this seems to be more like the gap gw use.

As part of the project I need is 8 predator heavy bolters (4 of each left and right side) and 2 land raider doors per gunship.  If anyone has some spare, I'll happily purchase these.

What do you think?

The long hobby war contiunes...

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  1. I'll have a look - Unfotunately, from your POV, most of my landraiders were done by commission artists who tend to keep all the spares in their bitzboxes.