Friday, 24 September 2021

Dark Realms Miniatures - Vladistov -house 1 - Review

Today’s post is about a new piece of terrain I’ve been printing for use in fantasy game system, initially Skyrim by Modipius Entertainment.

This is a model I purchased from from Dark Realms.  I have no relationship with this manufacturer.  The main criticism I have is the lack of information about the model.  There where no internal shots, no breakdown of the the parts sold, and no information on supports.  I shot the designer a query and he responded really quickly.  I also found images on Instagram and the Dark Realms Pateron.  This information gave me the confidence to buy the model.

The model comes in three configurations.

  • A solid model
  • A split model (by floor) with internal detail and a choice of a full roof or an open attic roof (with an open top).
  • A split model (by floor) without internal details

I choose to printed the second configuration with a solid roof.

I used the standard settings of my Prusa I3 MK3S without supports.  As you can see the model turned out great.

Overall conclusion


  • The model is well proportioned and would work well in any generic fantasy setting.  It could even work in a historical setting if you are not too discerning about complete historical accuracy.
  • The file prints very well and looks nice.  The overall proportions of the building are on the larger side and I think I could have printed at about 80% and it would still look right.  The model in the first shot is a Storm Cast Eternal (from my 11 year olds collection).  The second is a Skyrim Model which is a 32mm but not heroically scaled so are a bit more realistically proportioned.
  • Stringing was minimal and will be easy cleaned and fixed. 
  • Details are sharp and will paint well. 
  • The model is split at clear points so the detail is not affected and there are no obvious join lines.
  • The locator pins are large and robust so are unlikely to break through normal use.
  • The door has a hinge, so can open and close.


  • As initially stated at the start of the review, the lack of information about the model is the main negative point.
  • Cost, its a fairly expensive model, my opinion is the overall quality balances this out however.  Mirroring the files will alleviate the finical impact if your are wanting a large city of different houses.

This is a good buy and I would recommend it.


  1. you know what? I though the exact same thing when I first saw that house for sale. Its kinda too expense to not know what the insides look like.

    You should really do that guy a favor and post this as a community build. I know its convinced me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve now added the community print and a link here. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Nice. Considering that 3D printing isn't as cheap as a lot of people were hoping a few years ago, I think that asking for a bit more info is simply being smart with your hobby wonga.

    1. Sorry blogger did it’s thing and dropped the reply below….

  3. It’s pretty cheap thought, a decent fdm printer can be found for less than £200, the filament is around £15-20 per roll. Then it’s just files, and you can usually get them cheaper via a pateron or now tribes. Still cheaper than the equivalent resin. Mostly, it’s fun though. I’m hoping to get a few more of my 3D printing projects on the blog soon. Including my resin printer ones.