Saturday, 13 September 2014

More Warhound pics

Wolf Warhound with imperial knights.

Beware the beast!

My Warhound is back from the painters, a bit longer than expected due to the incompetence of Parcelforce damaging the head and head armour.  Still Golumn Painting Stuidos have done a bang up job. Thanks Mike!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Basing of 15mm Napoleonic Miniatures

Over the last year I have been considering the best way of basing these troops to best reflect the actual formations strengths. Ideally I would like to base in the following manner:


British line companies - 4 man 20mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) bases. Ten companies is ten bases with a frontage of 20cm.
British Rifles, contray to popular belief, these boys in green actually fought in line during waterloo. They will be based as per british line infantry.
British Guards (and 51st)- These where the largest infantry battalions on the battlefield. Each company will be six miniatures based on a 30mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) base. A battalion will therefore have a 30cm frontage.
KGL Line - These where around the same size as a british infantry battilion, but had recently been reduced to six companies for Waterloo. Therefore each company will be six miniatures based on a 30mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) base, which gives a unit frontage of 18cm.
Hannover infantry - These where formed in four companies each of which consisted of 150ish men. They are therefore around the size of a british battalion, and will be mounted 10 men, in two ranks on a 50mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) bases. Four companies with a frontage of 20cm.

French line and leger infantry - These will be mounted 6 miniatures in two ranks on a 30mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) base, which gives a unit frontage of 18cm.

I haven't looked at the Fench Imperial Guard, Dutch, Brunswick, Nassau or Prussians yet. These will follow if I ever get that far on the project.


All allied and French Cavalry im looking at basing a company on a 60mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) bases. Two companies make up a squardon and several squadrons make up a regiment.

Based on a large Flames of War base as per my British Foot Artillery Base.

Futher considerations

I need to decide how I mount commanders. I'm leaning towards seperate bases that can be put in frount or behind the units themselves.
Need to consider the time. I will probably start with smaller units than ulitmatley intended, just so i can get units built up quicker.