Thursday, 29 September 2016

Building a Warlord Titan

I'm slowly continuing the build of Tempestus Custodii.  Latest work is small amount of work, but a bit nerve wracking. I've magnetised the head.  After the problems I had with the reaver head, I was very apprehensive about this.  In the end I said sod it and glue it on, but the Warlord deserves more.

On to the pictures!

There are two 20 x 2mm in the body and a 8x5mm in the head, secured by JB weld.  

I have started designing a 3D printed Titan head stand and a future post will show this WiP off.  Other wise I would just glue the thing in place.

The long hobby war continues...

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Rout, part 2

More test models, the initial test was too dark, at night, so i tried some more.  The original test is on the right.

These are from left to righ base coated with; dawnstone, stormvermin, and eshin grey.  I discounted the dawnstone as too light.  Interestingly five years ago he would have won hands down as he fits the original Codex Titanicus art work perfectly.

Today I bought some Mechanicus standard grey and tried this out:

And the minis lined up as per the chart:

My preference is the middle, Stormvermin, but I may paint a few of both.  It will be a pain for vehicles as there is now air brush version.  The storm vermin is a more grey grey, rather than blue grey of the mechanicus standard grey.  More the colour of fur....  

The eshin grey marine will be joining my red scorpions as I think it's nailed the artwork in the Forgeworld books.  He needs the ochre trim and some black shoulders and the knee repainting.

I have 15 torso so far, does anyone know why they say mkIV? 

Btw, just so you know, I drill barrels of weapons after painting.  I don't know why...

The long hobby war contiunes...

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Rout! Part 1

This is the test model for a new force I want to start building.  The intention is it will be a force of mkiii marines with a few mkiv as well (at least until the inevitable Mkii get done next year).

I've gone for a darker scheme to more fit the role of executioner the Vlka Fenrika have.

What are your thoughts?

The long hobby war continues...

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Warlord Belicosa Volcano Cannon no.1 Assembled

This week I've been working on a very big gun!

Armour plates have been left off for painting.

To attach to the body, I have a 8mm x 20mm rod magnet in the gun and 3x 8mm x 5mm disc magnets in the elbow (???).  The total pull force is a bit silly, something like 8.7kg worth of pull for a 600g gun.  There is virtually no warble on the joint.  I also magnetised the second bellicose and will build this and the other carapace weapon soon.

It still needs a little green stuff, but it's pretty much there.  The first carapace reaver laser blaster is almost ready too, so I hope to have the weapons build phase finished Shortly.

The long hobby war contiunes...

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Reaver Titan - Update

I've been working on my Reaver recently, the legs are now painted, as are most of the trims, pistons and a bit more weathering.  It's nearly at the point I can attach some of his armour plates.  I'm glossing the armour plates ready for transfers and the oil wash.  The main thin outstanding is the rear carapace...

I'm think of commissioning some Tempestus transfers, as I have no confidence that these will come until the Mars book, and even then, they need to cover a load of Legions.  Does anyone have any ideas of a good designer?  Let me know in the comments!

The long hobby war contiunes...

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Legio Tempestus Titan Guard, Part 1

With the release for preorder of the Secutarii from Forgeworld, I've decided to trial out a colour scheme on a Skitarii Vanguard model.  As the Skitarii don't seem like they will be coming to 30K, (big mistake FW!), I can't see myself building a force as anything more than a modelling/painting project.

I wanted to echo the colours on my Large God Machines, so a white helm and trousers, green lens and the fractured azure of the Legio on the coat.  The rest is the usual silver/steel metals.  I didn't paint checks because I didn't seem it fitting well on the model with a whit helm.  When I get to other war machines, these will likely have these.  The base is still drying so hasn't cracked properly yet.

On to the pictures!

Some touch ups are still required, but I do like where it's going.  What do you think?

If you fancy seeing more Legio Tempestus support troops, go check out BigJon at, his are dam cool!

The long hobby war contiunes...