Monday, 12 May 2014

Imperial Knight, Part 1

So GW just released the Imperial Knight 'Titan', this has set in motion an set of events I feel I have no control over.

First up I have to say I LOVE this model. Absolutely LOVE it.

Then I saw the price and determined to get one... (stupidly off Games Workshop)

Then I bought another Three from the excellent Kirton Games.

The upshot is I have a 1500pt Knight army in the boxes. More worryingly I then actually have built and started painting one.

This is the model so far.  It an Imperial aligned Knight Paladin from House Terryn.

For my older daughter, I painted the spare helmet.

I've also started the build of a Knight Errant, again this will be from the same house.

I've heard the FW are going to release kits for these, so just in case, I've magnetised the arms.  Certainly want to get power fists for my Errant(s).

That's all folks for the moment.  Cya later.