Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hydra Dominatus, Choom progress

Quick post to follow up on my last post.  The models are under coated and have a nice silver paint job, that is other than....


I've put the tamiya clear blue through the air brush with good results.  This needs a bit of green to give the irridescent quality I love.   This was SOOOO much easier than brushing on.

Here's a model with the green effect on it already

I'm out of clear blue now, so need to wait for this too come in.  I have some clear red on the way too, but more on that another time...

The long painting war contiunes...

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hydra dominatus, heavy support

Over the weekend I've been building some support Astartes for my Alpha Legion army.  First up auto cannons.

These were a jot to build.  The parts fit easily with no problems, I think the look good and should make for a nice Killy unit.

Next up missile launchers

The look good,but where a lot trickier than the auto cannons.  The right hand needed a bit of filing, the the elbow was file flatter (not flat!) to get the fit right.  The targeting cameras are a nice touch.

And finally, everyone loves CHOOM!!  Some volkite cavaliers

These were an easy build.

I may build the autocannons and cavaliers into 10 man squads as I have the parts sat in a box.  I've also got a set of Volkite Culverins, so far one is built, and other than the cable, this was pretty easy!

Have you tried the new FW weapon sets? What did you think?

The long hobby war contiunes...

Friday, 22 April 2016

Test photos

I put up my old collapsible photo studio yesterday and took a few test photos.  The cloth minis stand on needs an iron but I'm happy with the results.  Bear in mind this is using my IPhone, not my SLR.

What do you think?

Monday, 18 April 2016

House Makabius Imperial Knights, Part 8

It's a very quick post from me tonight.  I wanted to share some progress of my knight Acheron.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

Really pleased so far, But ideally the position of the flamer should be pointing further forward.  The base is nearly finished.

Need to touch up the cream colour post wash.

Viewing panel, it should be in red, but hey, it's to tie my forces together.  The hatch is shiney as its waiting for some transfers. 

What do you think?

The log hobby war continues...

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Building a Warlord Titan - Part 1 - Legs

The Step 1:  First I attached the ball joints to the hip using JB Weld and a big clamp!  Before gluing I roughed up the surfaces to aid purchase.  24 hour drying time is required for this product, but it has a really strong bond.

Step 2: Then I built the shins.  More JB Welding, clamping and waiting!

Step 3: I then built the attached the lower and upper leg together.  Clamping the knee joint and more JB weld.  Again, 24 hour drying time is required.

Step 4:  Built the feet.  They were again glued using JB Weld, but clamps were not required.  I put this on a nice flat surface to make sure they are properly flat.

Step 5:  This is the hardest step thus far.  I slipped the hip rings over the hip ball joints, then used JB Kwik on all the contact surfaces; both ankles and both hips.  The ankles don't have a very good contact area, but this will get pinned later.  JB Kwik isn't as strong as JB Weld, but it's still a lot stronger than superglue.  I'll be pinning the hips and knees as well later.  I kept an ankle piston roller thing handy to check alignments thought out the posing.

The pose I choose is hopefully quite erect.  There are quite a few warlords out there now that are squatting.  I hope the model portrays a braced pause in stride, to launch a salvo at the enemy.

So that's the basic the legs built.  The armour plate connectors and hip Pistons will be left off until after pining.  The armour plates and ankle piston roller things will be left off until after painting.

Next step, pinning!

Building A Warlord Titan - Introduction

Titan Name:  Custodi Tempestas
Princep:  Decimus Karamov
Legio:  Legio Tempestus
Affiliation:  Unknown

I was asked by some Fraters other at Bolter and Chainsword to put together a build log of my efforts to build a Warlord Titan.  Here then I will catalogue the build for posterity.

For me, the Warlord IS the reason I love 30K/40K.  I got a box of Battle a Titans, a Copy of Space Marine and Codex Titanicus one year for my Birthday and never looked back.

Each post in this series will cover a step, or number of the steps from the Forgeworld instruction. I will deviate from the instructions if I think, or have been advised there is, a better way to build it.

At the end of the build, I'll update this post to be a summary.

I hope you enjoy this build with me!

For the impatient out there, Siph_Horridus at the WeeMen has put together an excellent guide here.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Reaver Titan - Princep

I've finished the Princep of my Reaver Titan, Bellum Ferrum.  As yet he is un-named as I stole his original name for the Princep of my Mars Warlord Alpha pattern head.

Legio Tempestus sound good with a Roman first name, then a Russian surname.  Any ideas for names?  

After taking the photo, I noticed the wire on his left solider was unpainted.  This is now red.

The long hobby war contiunes...

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Muckleburgh Collection

Not 40k related today.  Today's post is pictures of various tanks of the Muckleburgh Collection, just outside Cromer in Norfolk.  It's worth a look if your in the area.

The first pics are of a rather good army camp set up.  The models are 20mm (1/72 or 1/76).



M5 Stuart.

A very old T34/85.  Apparently the paint is the original WW2 paint.  It still runs, apparently, it's only had one minor repair in 70 years!

A Sherman.

A sexton SPG.

An M5 anti aircraft setup.

The texture of the 70+ year old T34/85s turret...  Interesting effect.

And I saw this. In the repair yard.  A good old Churchill!

The long hobby war contiunes...

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Warlord Titan, head

I've started to paint the first Warlord Titan head tonight.  This is the Mars Alpha pattern and will represent 'Custodi Tempestas', the Storm Warden.  Externally, I'm sticking with off white, silver and green lens.  Internally, grey, weathered metal, green monitors and a touch of gold.  I've also built the feet for this mighty war engine.

The long hobby war contiunes...

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Reaver Titan, another internal shot

This is some of the work I did tonight.  I also did the head lenses, and did more work on the internals of the cock pit.  I've only painted a few gems before, but and never screens.  They have more contrast in real life.  I like the idea that the mechanicum use green screens. I think they came out well.

Tomorrow, I want to get the sevitors painted and glued and install the panels and finish the head (minus crew).  Part of me is wondering why I'm bothering though, but I'm enjoying it so much.

The long hobby war contiunes...

Reaver Titan Getting There!

Just a quick post to update on the Reaver Progress.  The back section, internal detailing and the new weapon have all undercoated.  Paint is now going on the body.  I'm hoping to get this model finished this month. 

The internals underway:

Now the crew, still work to do on these:

Finally, the model as it stands: 

The long hobby war contiunes...