Monday, 25 January 2016

House Makabius Imperial Knights, Part 7

Today my House Makabius transfers arrived from Forgeworld!  Yeah!!

So having been studiously not doing knightly things over the weekend I promptly got on it.  These are the results.  Initial results are impressive.  Virtually no carrier film outline.  It is literally 1mm wide on the banners if that.  The graphics look way better in real life too!

He is really taking shape now.  I've started painting the poor dread as I now call him.  Rough golds applied.  Needs some touch ups to the flat aluminium before starting washes.

I also applied a transfer to the first banner.  These are AMAZING!!!.  The fit absolutely perfectly!

So to conclude, the transfers are excellent and then some.

Unfortunately, I also looked at my Belicosa Volcano Cannons.  Why unfortunately?  I have a bad miscast on one.

It's a bit annoying.  I want to check everything before I contact FW regarding this.

Well that's all there is tonight.

The long hobby war contiunes...

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Warlord Main Battle Titan, Part 2

The shins are now cleaned and trimmed, and the glue is drying.

Lovely models, but there was a lot of movement in the join and to fit it needed a lot of JB weld to get a good join.

The long hobby war contiunes...

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Warlord Main Battle Titan, Part 1

With thunderous tread the Lords of War advanced....

and all hell followed.

It has begun.

The ball joints are being glued with JB weld.  I will be continuing this build slowly in addition to my other projects.  Next job is to glue the shins.  

The long hobby war contiunes...

Thursday, 21 January 2016

House Makabius, Part 6

Another quick post tonight.  This evening, me and my loyal hounds, journeyed to sorting office to pick up my box of paint.   As soon as I got home, I got the brushes out and hit the Acheron.  Here's what I finished with tonight.  Still have a lot of train on the chain fist, but getting most of the trim has started making the model pop.  The gold isn't as light as I had hoped, but I think it works well.  What do you think?

The vanquished dreadnaught is starting to get colour too.  Blue colours, who could that be? 

Argh, forgot to drill the exhausts....  I need to fix it....

And if you wonder what I did last night? ....

The long hobby war contiunes...

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

House Makabius Knights, Part 5

A quick update tonight.  I'm working hard on the Knights and...  Argh, I've run out of black paint!
The last two nights have seen progress on the armour plates of my Questorius Knights.  I decided batch painting was the way to go.

Looking at the heads of the three known Knights from House Makabius, two in volume four Tempest and the Castigator on the FW site, they all seem to have a grey/black brow and a white/cream chin.  I've followed this on all four Knights.  The knee caps in the official pictures show the left knee is white/cream and the right is grey/black.  For variety (in that I can't count too three it seems), I've painted one with two white/cream knees.

I'm still waiting for the gold paint, but I can gloss varnish areas to get ready for transfers this week.  Hopefully the transfers will arrive Friday or Saturday.

Let me know what to think?

The long painting war continues...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

House Makabius, part 4

The Knights painting has started in earnest.  The metal is Tamiya Flat Aluminium applied with an airbrush.

This is the base FW used for their Cerastus Knight Castigator and I really like the colour.  I will be washing the chassis several times in a 1:1:1:1 mix of lahmian medium, seraphim sepia, nuln oil and water.  The gold trim is a pain, so I have ordered some retributor armour to see if I can reduce the number of coats required.  It's been five coats so far on the Acherons carapace, and its translucent in places still.

I had a brain fart while sorting out the armoured fuel lines, and got the two ends mixed up.  I happily started shaving down the end that should attach to the gun!  This will set the build back while I fix it, but I can add it later I suppose.

This week I hope to get all the armour plates painted for all four Knights. The transfer set is out next week and my set is on order. So next weekend, I want to get these applied. 

Finally, Look what arrived Friday!

The long hobby war contiunes...

Death Guard

I though I would mix it up a bit today.  My first 30k army is a House Makabius force of 4 Knights supported by some Death Guard.  These are to get some boots on the ground.  This gives me a couple more troops squads, and a pie launcher.   I'll finalise the list and post it up this week.  The leader is a siege breaker, but I may swap him out for a Praetor.

I'll be progressing these in conjunction with the Knights.  Only two weeks to go!

The long hobby war contiunes...

Thursday, 14 January 2016

House Makabius, part 3

I'm getting there with the Acheron build.

The greater part of it is done now, just top hatch, pistons, and fuel tank/ hose to build.  I've even got a bit of paint on.  The pose I've gone for is surveying the battle field for the next kill.

I fixed the hip piston with the plastic tube of a cotton bud.  I had to shave the piston a bit, but it won't show on the finished model.

Finally I've started building knight #3 who will end up as a knight errant.  I've reposed it based of Bolter & Chainswords Macloren who has done a couple of fantastic Knight conversions.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

House Makabius Knights, part two

The long painting and modelling war of my new knight force, I have a partially painted House Terryn force, has continued over the last couple of days.  Then yesterday, FW set the cat amongst the pidgeons, by releasing there FAQ.  All types of plastic Knights are HH legal, therefore with the four Knights I have (in pieces), I can field the major component of a HH army.  I will still build a few DG models to support as an allied detachment, but Knights are quicker.... Kind of....

The second Titan is underway, this time a trusty knight paladin.  The build is finished and the paint has started. I've currently gone lighter on the shoulder colours than FW Castigator.  I'm likely to add a carapace weapon system (magnetised) to the knight, but this can happen later.

The Knight Anchron is progressing also. (Note: the body is tacked to the hips and the armour is dry fitted).

 The leg pistons are underway.  The ankles are done

as is one hip joint.

The last hip joint, due to the pose, needs a longer piston shaft.  A bit of brass or plasticard rod will need to found to facilitate this.  I've also cleaned much of the model.  When I build my lancer, I will try to be more methodical, as I find myself doing a bit here and there.  Need to get more focused!

Hope you have enjoyed the post.  

The long hobby war contiunes...

Thursday, 7 January 2016

House Makabius Imperial Knight, part 1

Today's post is about my Forgeworld Cerastus Knight Acheron.  He will be the Scenchel of a House Makabius force to support my Death Guard, but more on these in a future post.  I've assembled the legs, and hips.  The leg plates are dry fitted to check the pose hasn't caused issues.

The poor B@C dread is in a bad way I'm afraid, unfortunately the two large cuts in the torso are mostly hidden by the foot, but the missing arm is evidence of the unequal battle that occurred here. 

What do people think about the dread weapon, should this be added to the base as well?

So far I'm loving the model and will definately get another or two. I want to get the body, arms and Pistons built tomorrow and Saturday for under coating Sunday, when the good weather is said to arrive.

Sorry about the picture quality, taken on my iPad.

Thanks for stopping by.

The long hobby war contiunes!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Reaver Titan update

Titan Name: 'Bellator ferrea' (Warrior of Iron)

This is an update to my Reaver Titan from Legio Tempestus.  I have been busy with building and painting over the Christmas break.  Hopefully the pictures are tolerable.  The are from my iPad.

Hopefully these pictures give a good indication of where the paint scheme is going.  I have a second laser blaster as well, I really can't see the point of the Titan CCW atm other than rule of cool. The knights CCW have far better rules.

The long hobby war continues!