Saturday, 30 July 2011

Red scorpions, mustering the forces


I've kicked off my Red Scorpions Army. I'm currently assembing the forces I have bought. All will have Forge World parts.

This is the start of some of the stuff I have assembled and undercoated or in painting. I have been working on Hirst Arts as well and i'll be posting pics of these soon.

Dreadnought of the 1st Company. Normal dread with Forgeworld brass etched sysmbols.
Veterans of the 1st Company. Beginings of the paint scheme on the bolter armed trooper.
3rd Tactical Squad, 4th Battle Company. Special weapon, melta gun. Heavy weapon, multi-melta. Sgt. with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword.
Demi Assault squad from the 8th Company. Not sure what number as yet. sgt. has a power fist and plasma pistol, one trooper has a plasma pistol.
A second demi Assault squad from the 8th Company. This time the sgt. has a power sword and plasma pistol. One trooper has a plasma pistol.
Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, See you later
The Colonel