Friday, 26 June 2015

15mm British Napoleonics

I've been experimenting with a method to speed up the time taken to paint my Napoleonic British Troops.  Currently, my first unit (the 44th East Essex) look like this:

While I think they are not bad, they are very dark with quite thick lining.  A long while ago I purchased some ArmyPainter dip (strong tone), so I thought I would give this another go.  i brushed this on, as actually dipping is messy and rather stupid (who would really want varnish or a back problem).  I then added further highlights, touched up the white bits and dull coated it.  Finally, the face was washed with GW Serephim Sepia.  All told, I think its much improved and hopefully a lot quicker.

My next task is to paint another 7 models to build two more companies to see how they look enmass.  Currently a lot has been happening at work, so I have been a hobby butterfly, the aim now is to focus on this project and get the rank and file painted to fill out several battalions.

Here's a group picture of everything so far.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Waterloo 200

Quick post to get in on the celebrations!

Latest troops for my British army.  Heavy Dragoons command base.  No banner as the Brits didn't carry these to battle.  Also, I have doc'ed the tails.  Brit regiments did this to reduce the burden of animal care.  During the peninsular war, this was a good way to distiguish siloettes.