Sunday, 31 August 2014

British Cavalry Test Figures

I've painted two test figures for the cavalry I recently received from Old Glory UK.  These are a light dragoon in a shako, and a dragoon/dragoon guard in a helmet.

The light dragoon is painted as a member of the 12th light dragoons for Waterloo.  These were in the 4th British Cavalry Brigade at Waterloo.  The regiment was three squadrons strong with around 430 sabres.  

The dragoon is painted as the 6th dragoons (Inniskilling) who fought in the 2nd British Cavalry (Union) Brigade.  The regiment started the day as the strongest of seven British heavy cavalry regiments with over 450 sabres in three squadrons. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

British 11th Armoured Division - Part 2

The first two Cromwells are done.  The gent poking his head out is the troop commander.  The third tank in well underway and should be ready soon.  As stated, the decals are from doms decals, they actually look the right size, particularly when compared with the Battle Front or PSC transfers.  I decided to standardise the placement of the markings.  Looking at old photos, the markings are all over the place, or not even present! So you will have to excuse the uniformity.

British foot artillery battery

I have finished a battery of 15mm 1815 british foot artillery equipped with a 9lb cannon.  These are Bluemoon Manufacturing miniatures mounted on a 2mm warbases large flames of war style base. 

I've tried a new technique for basing.  Valejo model pulmice, paint with two coats of woodland scenics flat earth paint, then flock, static grass and clump foliage.  Edges are painted black. I really like the style, so will base all my napoleonics like this now.