Monday, 23 August 2021

Titan Owners Club (UK) Titan Walk - 2021

Today’s post is about the recent TOC (UK) 2021 Titan Walk.  It was an amazing day and it’s mostly arranged by the Battle Bunny And TOC founder Drake Seta and partner (Instagram Honey_the_Destroyer89), though myself and some others also helped with Scenery.

The event started Friday with a set up and then a drink in the bar, followed by setting up titans and then a view around the event room.  

Above: The gaming mat. 

Below: part of the initial set up. This was around half the Titans.  For  more images see Titan Owners Club’s blog.

The next day had the last engines and Princeps arrive, a final Line up of engines and meet a greet with the newly arrived Princeps.

Above is my Maniple arrayed for combat.  I lent out a couple of knight lancers, but more on them later.

Day one was an interesting scrap against Ignatum, Atarus, and Gryphonicus Engines.  My maniple suffered badly under their the guns losing a warlord, two reavers and two warhounds. In return I manage two reavers.  It was bloody, scrappy affair. Ultimately, I was hampered by hills obscuring my fields of fire, so my heaviest engine struggled to engage. 

Above: The combined forces of Ignatum, Atarus, and Gryphonicus pound the Tempest Maniple.

Day two was more successful, facing off against Metallica (fellow blogger ), Legio Xestobiax, Legio Astorum, and a fearsome Titan of the Ordo sinister.

Despite my initial failure to issue any orders whatsoever ever, I ultimately managed to claim a Warlord.  Bellator Ferrum managed to bring the shields down on a trio of Warhounds, opening the way for a Mortis warlord to turn two of them into slag a moment later.  One of my Warlords targeted an enemy Titan with its volcano cannon.  It missed and the blast scattered (3 foot) onto an enemy knight banner. Unfortunatley, it also nearly wiped out an allied knights banner too! The final toll was both warhounds lost, one to a lancer, the second to the ordo sinister!

In another part of the battlefield my Makabius lancers, working in support of a Mortis Reaver, managed to bring down a Warhound.  Another amazing kill on my Legio Banner.

It was a really fun event and I can’t wait until the 4th September when we are running an exhibition game as the Greeting from the Warp event near Northampton.  Titan Owners Club members are an amazing bunch of people!!


  1. That's kool. Northampton is about an hour away, I may have to see what I'm doing that day.

  2. A great weekend Brother, hopefully we can face off at the next event as this time I faced Lord TITANium Halfpenny and Drake Seta, maybe one day we will convince you to join the Loyalists... (or invite more Traitors to join earlier to ramp up their numbers so you can play on the winning loyalist side)...

    1. I was supposed to play loyalists primarily, but always seem to end up traitor.