Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Iron Warriors update

Today post is about my Iron Warriors force as it grows, and colours.  Here's the next batch of built models.  The 2015 event Iron Warriors, Narik Dreygur.

Next up are a unit of five Iron Havocs.  These kits went together just as well as the ones I used on my MKIV marines.  I think the look the business!

Finally, this is my first tactical squad sergeant.  Plasma and thunder hammer seem a good fluffy choice for Iron Warriors.

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Sweet MKIII Havocs, love those underslung retro MLs. Very old school Chaos Marines.

    1. Cheers siph, I agree. They are also quite easy to assemble too. Just a bit of filing of the contact surface on the arm.

  2. I love the new figures and how well all the weapons just socket in. It is an absolute joy. Its so easy to pin weapons to swap as well!