Monday, 13 February 2017

Iron Warriors Legion Falchion

Todays post is about my latest toy, a Legion Falchion for my Iron Warriors force.  Sorry if you were expecting more Titanicus goodness, real life has sapped the will to write it up at the moment.

I bought this at the Horus Heresy weekender 2017, and in a fit of building actually have it ready for undercoating.  The build was frustrating, particularly because a couple of parts were missing.  Fortunately, I have a Legion Glaive for my Alpha Legion in bits, so I robbed them from this kit. 

I'm gluing the sponsons in place.  After building and painting my Alpha Legion Sicaran, I think resin kits are too delicate to have moving sponsons.

I have placed a crew figure in the open top hatch.  I can see a large tank like this sitting back with the commander sticking his head out to keep an eye on the wider battlefield, both to pick targets and all the while ensuring he is not enveloped in a counter attack.  To fit the crewman in, I had to carefully trim and file the models arm down a bit on each sides.  This was done slowly and carefully to ensure a tight fit.

On to the pictures!

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Lovely tank, not sure about the grey scheme tho ;) ha ha. Good stuff, look forward to seeing it progress

  2. Sweet. I love the falchion and really look forward to seeing it done up in Iron Warrior livery!

  3. Awesome awesome tank! For future reference, FW will usually send you the replacement pieces (if you can wait).

  4. Hi Siph, well I was think wolves originally:p

    Hi Mordian, Cheers mate, just waiting for a chance to under coat this and some other models I'm working on.

    Hi Greg, yeah, I've requested the replacements. I've been buying FW since the 2004ish Lucius pattern Baneblade. I don't think I've had a big kit since that didn't have problems. My warhound was worst, but I got that during the infamous 2007 apocalypse release and had problems with about 20 seperate parts (including the hull of a mars pattern no less. I'll be using these on the Glaive when they arrives.

  5. Lovely tank.

    What a weird thing to say (write)