Sunday, 12 March 2017

Halo Ground Command - UNSC Warthog Painting Guide

Did somebody order a Warthog?

Todays post is again about Halo Ground Command.  This time, it's painting up a UNSC Warthog.  I have Seven of these to build and paint, fortunately, 1:100 scale is great for painting quick.  I love these in game and the models are great.  I do wish they had a passenger though.

Here is my take on it.

To paint this I used the following guide:

- Undercoat black

- Paint the hull and hub caps GW castellan green.

- Paint the details (trims, machine gun stand, roll bar, etc) GW Adeptus Mechanicus Standard Grey.

- Paint the tyres black.

- paint the wind shield GW Kantor Blue.

- Paint the rear lights red.

- Paint the crew GW nurgling green.

- Paint there crews armour in GW Zandri Dust.

- Paint the crews boots Gothgor Brown.

- Wash the crew and trims in Army Painter Strong Tone ink.

- Paint the raise green details in a 50:50 mix of GW castellan green and Elysian Green.

- paint the raised details of the crews armour GW Zandri Dust.

- dry brush the console in the cab with GW Temple Guard Blue

- Lightly dry brush over the console with GW Baharroth Blue

- Paint the faces GW Kislev Flesh.

- Wash the faces with Army Painter Soft Tone ink.

Congratulations, your hog is ready to go!

The long hobby war continues...


  1. Hummm. Are those things still for sale ?

    They look identical to the ones my Cadians drive 'round in.

  2. Hi Zzzzzz, these are smaller versions. 18mm scale (1:100), I'll post up some scale shots.