Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tutorial, studded dreadnoughts

My dreads have studs.

In the comments the other day, Siph from the WeeMen asked for a tutorial on how to stud your dreads.  It's a simple process, the hardest part is finding the right pins!  It's a hang up from the old days when preheresy meant converting.

1) first you build the model in sub assemblies.  The key is keeping making sure you can access the locations you want studs on.  I have the body, left and right legs, and, left and right arms.  This tutorial is on the shoulders.

2) mark the dill points. The first one I did, I marked with pencil, then made a pilot hole with a knife.  Now days I'm all about the crazy mad knife skillz ;)

3) drill the holes.  You don't need to go all the way through the model, but it's easier the deeper the hole.

4) Select a pin.  

5) cut the pin, I use a set of old sprue cutters.  Wire cutters would be better.  Note I hold the pointy bit and brace the end.  This stops it flying off and taking an eye out, or worse, losing the tiny bit of sharp metal!

6) Using tweezers and super glue, carefully stick in the hole prepared eariler.  

Voila, one stud in, only forty left to do!

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Thanks mate! Now need to select some suitable pins! Cheers for the tutorial

  2. Mrs Hertford is going to be displeased when she next looks in her sewing kit...

  3. Great tutorial. I have always wanted to replicate the studded armour on dreadnoughts but I'd always been put off by how to ensure studs were all the same size. Now need to source suitable pins and BaC contempt IRS are in for some further modifications