Monday, 10 October 2016

The Rout, Part V

So the Internet is alive with the sounds of dreadtober, so I thought I would build the second of my three dread Vlka Fenryka talon.  This and the third dread will be rocking the assault cannon/power fist combo.  This is more to do with saving money for the new prospero box rather than a love for the load out.

In keeping with my first dread, I've put studs on this dread.  I think these look great on the dreads, as I like to think the rout got these standard then customised them.  This particular dread has the front scroll work removed.  All told this took me about five hours, but to be honest, it would have been much quicker with a decent drill.

Unusually I drilled the exhausts prior to assembly!

On to the pictures!

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Yes lovely, I'm going for the same Loadout with my BaC dread for Dreadtober. Liking your stud work, are they ball bearings set in shallow dips? Have you posted a tutorial somewhere? I would be interested in seeing how easy it is?

    1. Hi Siph, I'll get something proper written up. Quick summary below. It's actually really easy, just time consuming.
      1) Mark where you want the stud with pen, then make a pilot hole with a sharp craft knife.
      2) Drill out a hole. It doesn't need to be right through the model.
      3) Snip the end off a dress makers pin (must be a half round)
      4) using super glue and tweezers, carefully place the end of the pin in the hole.
      Just remember to finish drilling all holes before adding the studs!

    2. Thanks mate, great tutorial. Looks simple enough.

  2. Ha ! Until you said that, I'd thought they were a part of the kit and already painted....

    I'll get my cloak.

    1. To be fair, he won't look that different when painted...

  3. Awesome! The additional bonding studs really help give the model some personality. I dig it!

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