Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Rout, part 2

More test models, the initial test was too dark, at night, so i tried some more.  The original test is on the right.

These are from left to righ base coated with; dawnstone, stormvermin, and eshin grey.  I discounted the dawnstone as too light.  Interestingly five years ago he would have won hands down as he fits the original Codex Titanicus art work perfectly.

Today I bought some Mechanicus standard grey and tried this out:

And the minis lined up as per the chart:

My preference is the middle, Stormvermin, but I may paint a few of both.  It will be a pain for vehicles as there is now air brush version.  The storm vermin is a more grey grey, rather than blue grey of the mechanicus standard grey.  More the colour of fur....  

The eshin grey marine will be joining my red scorpions as I think it's nailed the artwork in the Forgeworld books.  He needs the ochre trim and some black shoulders and the knee repainting.

I have 15 torso so far, does anyone know why they say mkIV? 

Btw, just so you know, I drill barrels of weapons after painting.  I don't know why...

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. Think the torsos are based on the Mk4 Calth box set plastics. I love Dawnstone for my Relictors, but you are right, too light. I think Mechanicus Grey is too blue, but great for 49k Wolves. Either the other two, great. You've certainly nailed Scorpions grey.

    1. Cheers Siph, I'm hoping they do some mkIII for the new burning of prospero game.

      I think the mechanicus can look great, but it needs more steps like Drake Seta's ones, and two be honest under artificial light, they are not that disimilar.

      The scorpions will be appearing on the blog again at some point. Once I have a 30k force built to game with. And the reaver is ready for action...

  2. I agree - the middle one hits the sweet spot for the Wolves during the heresy. The right-hand one is a bang-on look for the Red Scorpions, too! Good stuff!

  3. I like that that are so similar that the paler one could just be one that's been out in the weather a bit longer. Do all the colours and mix 'em up.

    Liking these.

  4. @ Mordian7th, cheers mate.

    @ Zzzzzz, I'm finishing the first squad of ten before I decide. One with the mechanicus, and 9 in Stormvermin fur. I'll post picture when they are done.