Thursday, 29 September 2016

Building a Warlord Titan

I'm slowly continuing the build of Tempestus Custodii.  Latest work is small amount of work, but a bit nerve wracking. I've magnetised the head.  After the problems I had with the reaver head, I was very apprehensive about this.  In the end I said sod it and glue it on, but the Warlord deserves more.

On to the pictures!

There are two 20 x 2mm in the body and a 8x5mm in the head, secured by JB weld.  

I have started designing a 3D printed Titan head stand and a future post will show this WiP off.  Other wise I would just glue the thing in place.

The long hobby war continues...

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  1. Progress, no matter how small is still progress. I'm sure it'll be a masterpiece