Saturday, 2 April 2016

Reaver Titan Getting There!

Just a quick post to update on the Reaver Progress.  The back section, internal detailing and the new weapon have all undercoated.  Paint is now going on the body.  I'm hoping to get this model finished this month. 

The internals underway:

Now the crew, still work to do on these:

Finally, the model as it stands: 

The long hobby war contiunes...


  1. I like the outside shots. Natural sunshine put it under a light ;). Going to have to try it

  2. Lovely work, man! Really digging how that's coming along!

  3. @ The GunGrave, cheers mate. When are you getting your Titan on TOC?

    @ Big Jon, I look forward to seeing Hyperion in day light.

    @ Mordian7th, Many thanks! Some people though I was mad, but I'm showing them!