Sunday, 10 April 2016

Building A Warlord Titan - Introduction

Titan Name:  Custodi Tempestas
Princep:  Decimus Karamov
Legio:  Legio Tempestus
Affiliation:  Unknown

I was asked by some Fraters other at Bolter and Chainsword to put together a build log of my efforts to build a Warlord Titan.  Here then I will catalogue the build for posterity.

For me, the Warlord IS the reason I love 30K/40K.  I got a box of Battle a Titans, a Copy of Space Marine and Codex Titanicus one year for my Birthday and never looked back.

Each post in this series will cover a step, or number of the steps from the Forgeworld instruction. I will deviate from the instructions if I think, or have been advised there is, a better way to build it.

At the end of the build, I'll update this post to be a summary.

I hope you enjoy this build with me!

For the impatient out there, Siph_Horridus at the WeeMen has put together an excellent guide here.

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