Monday, 18 May 2015

Imperial Knight, Part 3. Magnetizing knight weapons (Retrofitting)

Progress continues on the Knights.  This is my first knight Errant as is.

I assembled this model a while back, but then it sat in my loft (or attic to my American cousins).  With the new kits coming, and all the extra arms, I wanted to make the arms interchangeable for flexibility.  The new crusader build in particular looks quite interesting (albeit expensive points wise).

First up I removed the arms.  I had assumed, Games Workshop would give spare arms including the shoulder joint (silly me) so I have magnetized them already.

I then cut along the joint between the shoulder and elbow connectors using a fine saw.  You need to be careful here as there is not a great amount of space.  Then file the surfaces flat.

I then drilled out the the the centers of the these pieces using a 6 mm drill bit until I could fit a 6 mm x 2 mm rare earth magnet.  Its really important this hole is centered, and I recommend using a pilot hole first.  This was a bit of a pain and I would recommend a narrower thicker magnet in hindsight.

Taking care to get the right polarity, I then glued the magnets in place.  I used the first arm (in my case a chainsaw arm as the master.  Using a spacer magnet to prevent accidental glue issues, I inserted the magnet into the hole to test the size.  If its fine, insert the magnet carefully ensuring it is flush and centered.  If not fill and start again.

Voila, a snap on snap off weapon configuration.

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