Thursday, 14 May 2015

German Army WW2 (6mm / 1:300), Part 1

This is a project I have going in conjunction with my 11th Armoured Division (6mm / 1:300).  The intention is to have three large forces of 6 mm troops to play Flames of War on a 3' (90 cm) x 4' (120 cm) dining table.

These are Heroic & Ros models and while the sculpts aren't as good as the GHQ,  I've been painting these in preference to the British to be honest.  They suit the base coat, camouflage, wash method I'm using perfectly.  To be honest, I think if I was using GHQ miniatures, I would feel the need to do more.

On to the pictures!

Tiger 1C on the prowl!

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