Friday, 10 April 2015

11th Armoured Division (6mm / 1:300), Part 2, British base labels

So after my last post, and after a lot of thought, I have finialised my british basing labels for tanks, armoured cars and artillery. I will be working on infantry later. The tanks and armoured cars are similar, and broadly based on history. The artillery caused me many more problems working out a simple system that worked. In all cases the division and unit serial are as per real life. The conventions are as follows:

Tank Battalions (Recce & Armoured)

The troop is distinguished by the troop shape. Diamond is HQ, triangle is first squadron, square is the second troop and circle is the third. the line outline is the battalion colour, in this case white. The inner colour
is to allow me to determine the members of each troop within the squadron. I had tried numbers, but these where so small so as to become illegiable. My standard is the HQ is white, first is red, second is yellow, third is blue and fourth is pale green. Below is an example of the senior armoured brigade.

The Stuart Light tanks are battalion assesst rather than belonging to a troop, therefore these have a diamond (HQ) symbol. I have split these into three troops for game purposes.

Armoured Car Battalion:

THe Armoured car battalion follows the same rules as the tanks. Due to the fifth troop in these formations, I have added the orange to be this troops colour.

Artillery Batteries:

The three types of batteries I have currently created lables for are; the Field Artillery, The armoured horse artillery and the self propelled anti-tank guns. Each battery is labelled as per the battery letter (A, B, C or D). The batteries are then divided into gun troops and sub-divided into sections.

The anti tank guns are slipt into three troops. The first troop is red troop, secton is yellow troop and final is blue troop. Each of these is split into two sections, green and blue.

Hope you like them.  Thats all for now.

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