Thursday, 9 April 2015

11th Armoured Division (6mm / 1:300), Part 1

There a two truths that is being encountered by an increasingly large numbers of UK wargamers.  Firstly is that the average gamer can't afford a house big enough to have a full size gaming table.  My dining room table is only 3' (90cm) x 4'(120cm).  Secondly, tables are just too crowded with models for your budding your toy solider general to out manuver his foes.

With this in mind, I have decided to increasingly focus on smaller scales.  The guiniepigs are my old favourite, the WW2 British 11th Armoured division.  The models below are two GHQ models, a Cromwell and Challenger tank.  The level of detail on these models is phenomenal, they are as detailed as the 15mm tanks from Plastic Solider Company or BattleFront.

I've painted these with valejo Russian uniform then brushed on gloss varnish and washed in agrax earthshade from GW.  The varnish stops the wash staining the flat surfaces and helps when adding decals.  I then added decals fron GHQ using Micro SOL and SET.  Tracks were then painted black, but I my add a brown to these before basing.  I may, if I' feeling brave also try picking out the tools.  Before basing these will get a dull cote spray.

In the picture above, I've put the models on two test bases (small FOW size 1" x 1 1/2") a patchy grass one, and a bowling green one.  I prefer the patchy one, though I think it needs more grass.  Each stand will be labelled, because in 6mm, it can be hard to tell the difference between a rifle stand or an MG stand.  I haven't finished designing the labels, once I do, they will be printed on photo paper, spray varnished (lightly) with gloss and carefully stuck to an mdf base from Warbases.  I will do a seperate post on my choice of base sizing, when I have a selection of forces based up.

I have a more British GHQ models (Achilies, armoured cars, Stuart Vs and more Cromwells) on order From Wargames Emporium and German Vehicles (Panzer IV, Panthers, Tiger I, armoured cars, marders) and Russian vehicles (T34/76, T34/85, IS2, BA64, SU122, SU76) and a british 25pdr battery of 4 guns.

I have to say I'm enjoying the speed of this project, as it makes a refreshing change to my usual slow paint speed.


  1. These are smashing (with the next post too, of course!) What system of game is this, please?

    1. Hi Admiral Drax, Well, the original intent was to play Flame of War with them. But most other ww2 games will work fine too I expect.